I have postgraduate studies in economics and I have worked for many years in the field of chartered accountancy, where I also completed the relevant professional exams.

My essays are common sense approaches to various economic and geopolitical issues, and they are written for the general reader. No prior knowledge is required.

My views are very pro-market and quite anti-socialist in nature. I admire the free market economists i.e. the ones from the Austrian or the Chicago School.

English is not my first language, and I do not want to spend too much time on policing my essays. I am not writing literature. I write some observations I make, which sometimes happen to be right and sometimes happen to be wrong, and all I care about is that the reader gets my points. Whether my essays are beautifully written is of no importance, or at least of  only secondary importance.Therefore you will have to excuse possible errors.


12 thoughts on “About”

  1. hi i.a. ,

    Thanks for your website where you explain to us how and what happened in the world. You let me at least to see the whole picture where we need to look through.

    keep on going!

    A.S. from the Netherlands

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  2. For some time I’ve been meaning to say to you that your blog is quite special. For more facts and fewer opinions, for courage in the face of complexity, this site is a standout. I often come here but don’t comment because there is just too much to digest, none of it merely opinionated or speculative. Here we get a long view and cross view of geo-politics like nowhere else. We even get fresh maps for topics.

    If you are wondering why you don’t get swamped with comments, all I can say is that when I come here I am too busy reading and digesting to bother opinionating.

    It must take an enormous effort to maintain something so meaty and substantial when most of the net is about speculation and attention-grabbing. Please be assured your efforts are appreciated. I can’t be the only one who feels that iakal.worpress is what the internet ought to be like.


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    1. Thank you so much Rob. That’s the best comment I ever got. Please remember that I am trying to make my posts “deep”, and that means I often make mistakes. Mistakes which are unintentional of course, and mistakes that I correct as time goes by. After reading my posts you should use your own information and judgement to get a more complete picture of the geopolitical landscape. But I am very glad to know that some people appreciate what I write. But don’t worry, I know that there are some of you out there. Not many, but some.



      1. Iakovos, I think you do something unexpected on the net, a place where people want to skim facts to arrive quickly at explanation and conclusion. You portray the real confusion and flux of geo-political interests and don’t offer any kind of facile summary of what must be done or who’s to blame. That’s hard for us netizens to swallow – but it’s just what we need!

        I think your plain English (with the odd trivial error) actually accentuates your brick-on-brick approach very well. Where clarity is made almost impossible by the subject, you manage to be clear, which is no small achievement.

        All I can do is encourage and recommend, since I doubt you will ever be a hit or “go viral” on the modern internet. When someone puts in so much research and contemplation (the hardest work of all, right?) they should at least be given encouragement.

        Please don’t ever make things easier or more approachable for me! I might come here more often if you do,,,but iakal.wordpress wouldn’t be the same.


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  3. Since discovering your blog by happenstance several months ago – I have learned an immense amount about the core issues that your blog is dedicated to extensively covering. I cannot thank-you enough! I now think about all these conflicts and issues from a very different perspective and one that I had *never* imagined or considered. I am wondering if you have read some of the opinion/perspective pieces about the potential upsides/downsides of Israel and Turkey’s new gas deal? Below are the links to the articles that I’ve read about this issue and I am wondering what your perspective is? Is this a smart and strategic move for Israel to engage in? I have *very* little confidence in Erdogen with respect to his strong Islamist leanings etc.
    If you get time, I’d love to know your thoughts on this.
    Also, I read these two articles this morning and I was very surprised! I’m sending the links just in case you may have an interest.
    Again, many thanks for your special blog and all of your hard work! It’s much appreciated.


    1. Hi Nancy. You are asking me what is good for Israel, but it is very difficult to decide what is good for a country with so many enemies. Israel cannot choose optimal solutions. It has to go for the ones that are less dangerous, since it does not have any true friends in the region. But whether Israel can trust Erdogan or not, is a very easy question to answer, and the answer is definitely no. Professional Islamofascists, communists and nazis, by definition are not trustworthy. If they were trustworthy they would not have become professional islamofascists, communists or nazis.

      The option to export the natural gas to Egypt seemed to be a good one, because Russia would be happy, and Turkey would not mind that much. Maybe Qatar and Iran would mind, but Turkey and Russia are the strong players. But after the Zohr was discovered in Egypt, in August 2015, it seems that Israel has to export its gas to Turkey, at least if it wants to develop its gas fields. It seems that only Turkey can buy it long term, because sending it to Europe would upset both Turkey and Russia, and would make things worse. But can anybody trust Erdogan? Of course not.

      The good thing is that Turkey needs to buy this gas and Israel has needs to sell it. If the pipeline is not paid by Israel, what does Israel stand to lose? There is only one thing I guess, and that is problems with Russia. Maybe problems with Egypt too. But if both Egypt and Israel export their gas to Turkey, and they stick together, Egypt would not be a problem. Unless of course Israel and Egyupt start competing as sellers.

      But there is this problem with Russia. Will Russia be happy if Israel was to give her large stakes in its gas fields? I do not know. Maybe not. But what else can Israel do except selling to Turkey? I don’t know. If I get it right it seems that selling to Turkey is the only way for Israel to cover the costs of developing its gas fields, since Israel’s demand wouldn’t do the trick.

      But I do not think that Israel and Turkey will become allies. At least not in the way they used to be. I guess Israel will not help Russia against Turkey, and Turkey will put less pressure on Israel from Gaza. It will probably be more of a commercial relationship than an alliance.

      Thank you very much for the articles Nancy. I liked very much the National Review site. My kind of stuff. And thank you for you visiting my site. I spend quite some time on it and it is very nice when people appreciate it.



  4. I think your English is fine. No need to apologize.
    Great selection of articles you are sharing … and thanks for sharing! Keep it up!
    Hooorah for independent media, information and opinion sharing on the net. It’s not like we can rely on the corporate media to inform us about energy geopolitics, and how it underpins world economics and current geopolitical and social upheaval. Australian media is utterly pathetic at informing our populace, and I’m left almost nauseous listening to the propaganda they have been vomiting since the ‘Arab Spring’ started. What is happening is Syria right now is a direct result of CSTO vs NATO (Gazprom vs GCC natural gas pipeline potential).

    You might be interested in this small fact: I was wondering what Nabucco meant whilst studying the major pipeline projects, and discovered it meant Nebuchadnezzar – the famous King of the Neo-Babylon Empire. Nabucco however was the name of a rather weird Italian language operetta named after Nebuchadnezzar. Why did they label this pipeline project the Nebuchadnezzar if it was only supposed to be for Azeri and Iranian gas? Nebuchadnezzar relates historically to Iraq and East Syria (Euphrates and Tigris trade corridors), so it is clear to me that Nabucco was ALWAYS planned to connect up with the GCC gas fields such as South Pars/North Dome (and Leviathan-Tamar Israel?), criss-crossing Iraq and Syria, but the old lands of Nebuchadnezzar are standing in the way. The 2/3rds Shia majority in Iraq is a demographic that the 2003 invasion was never going to be successful in disrupting (balkanization etc…).

    I have come to understand that the Shia control of Syria and Iraq represents the *Protect Gazprom* contingency for the European Energy Market. No doubt Russia are working to cut Iran into the deal in some way, whilst placating the Israelis by brokering a future for Israeli gas in the pipeline and distribution network. This would place Russia in the position of peacemaker between Iran and Israel via an economic detente? Whilst cutting out the GCC Sunni alliance? Interesting – and violent – times …


      1. It’s actually the divine number of Material Creation:
        Carbon 12 Atoms have:
        -6 Protons
        -6 Neutrons
        -6 Electrons
        … 666 element of God’s marvelous creation; organic chemistry, and the hardest allotrope in the universe. This is the reason why the Book of Revelation says that the anti-Christ system COVETS this number, to claim God’s creation for himself, and why the anti-Christ wants to OWN each man’s shell.

        What is your Carbon footprint? No buying or selling without an ID# to track your carbon transactions at point of purchase … its coming. I believe you are a Greek, so you are probably much closer to the cashless casino-gulag scenario than Australia, but our PM was just ousted by an ex-Goldman Sachs banker who is now agreeing to Global ETS Trading, so we’re not far behind the EU. Denmark is going cashless next year I hear (beta-test … no more bank runs, and more political ease for bail-in’s, no?).

        aamichael = Ark Angel Michael
        666 = Material Creation
        Thus, it is a rebus, to combine the antidote with that which represents the material realm. I’m trying to catch people’s attention to the real meaning of 666, and why a number itself cannot be evil … but its use by malevolent forces can be.

        Read this next post on my blog if you want to understand where I am coming from with regards to 666. There is some astro-geometry explained regarding the Earth and Moon dimensions which might blow your mind – it still blows my mind since I stumbled upon it.

        Keep up the good work. I have linked your blog to my own on the sidebar, and will link to your concise articles in future.


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