Yitzhak Rabin like Anwar Sadat

Anwar Sadat was the right hand of Gamal Nasser, the leader of the Arabs in their struggle to eliminate the Jews from their native land of Israel. After Gamal Nasser died in 1970, Anwar Sadat became the leader of the Arabs against the Israelis and led them to the War of 1973.

But the Soviets were not willing to provide their Arab  allies with arms that would give them a real chance of eliminating the Israelis, because they would cross a red line of the American allies of Israel. The Soviets did support the Arabs in their wars against Israel, but they never really wanted the Arabs to eliminate Israel, because they knew that this could trigger a Soviet-American War.

The Americans on the contrary, they supported Israel wholeheartedly, and they kept this little in size country alive, in spite of the hatred that so few were facing by so many. So the Arabs were doomed even before firing their first shot, both in 1967 and in 1973.

After the defeat of 1973, Anwar Sadat, a great patriot and leader, realized that there was no hope for the Arabs to eliminate the Israelis at that time. He decided to become a martyr of his country by closing the conflict and making Egypt a friend of Israel, hoping that the future would offer the Arabs a better opportunity to eliminate Israel. Sadat believed that this was not the right moment for the Arabs to destroy the Jewish State. The Arabs would have to be patient and wait maybe for many years.

In 1979 Sadat signed the peace treaty with Israel, and in 1981 he ordered the Egyptian Secret Services to assassinate him in order to pay the price for what he had done. According to him, who hated the Jews so much, he did not deserve to live after signing the peace treaty, even though he believed the peace would help his people to prosper.

On 6 October 1981 Egypt was celebrating the victories at the early stages of the 1973 War against Israel, when the Egyptians managed to cross the Suez Canal and take the Sinai Peninsula from Israel, even though they were defeated at the end of the war.

Before attending the Victory Parade, Sadat visited Gamal Nasser’s grave in order to pay his respects, and then he went to the Victory Parade and waited for the assassination squad to execute him. When the assassination squad jumped from the truck and started running towards Sadat, Sadat stand up and gave them a military salute, to fall on the ground wounded from their bullets a few seconds later.

When they asked Sadat’s nephew why his uncle was standing still saluting his assassins, he replied that his uncle was confused and thought that the assassins wanted to honour him and not kill him. See CNN “30 years later, questions remain over Sadat killing, peace with Israel”.

Sadat not only gave his life but he became a martyr, because publicly he is accused of being a traitor. But in Egypt, when the cameras are off, Sadat is considered a great hero, at least by those who can tell the difference between assassination and self sacrifice. And a great hero he was.

A few years later, a great Israeli patriot, Yitzhak Rabin, thought that it was better for Israel to recognize the Palestinian Authority, and he did sign the Oslo Accords, which created the Palestinian Authority, and gave it some control over some Israeli territories. Rabin was the leader of the elite Jewish military forces in the war of independence against the Arabs in 1948. Like Sadat, Rabin thought that a peace with the Arabs would help Israel prosper. And like Sadat, Rabin signed the recognition of the Palestinian Authority, and ordered the Israeli secret services to execute him.

I think it would have been really embarrassing for the Jews if Rabin had not done it. The Arabs did it with Sadat. The Jews had to do it too. There was no alternative for a man like Rabin, one of Israel’s fathers, and the leader of the Jewish special forces in the war of independence. I believe this was a really easy decision for him. He just gave the order. Because that’s the man he was and wanted to be. A natural-born hero.

A young student, a pure Jew, was the man that had the honour to kill Rabin. I believe he expected to be killed by Rabin’s bodyguards, but probably Rabin did not return him the favour. See New York Times “Ex-Undercover Agent Charged as a Link in Rabin Killing”.

Rabin and Sadat hated each other so much, and yet they were very similar in many respects.

Israeli security services under scrutiny after Rabin’s death


Ex-Undercover Agent Charged as a Link in Rabin Killing

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