Donald Trump VS Human Rights

During his speech in Saudi Arabia, with most Muslim leaders attending the speech, Trump said that the US will not dictate to other countries how they are going to live, or how they will run their countries. As expected the left and the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe and USA went mad with “fascist” Trump, who does not care about human rights violations etc.

Trump Sisi Salman

However what really annoys them is not any human rights violation etc, but what Trump really meant. When Trrump said the USA will not dictate to others how they live, he meant that he thinks it is very reasonable that the Egyptian President Sisi and the Saudi King Salman attack the revolts orchestrated in their countries by the Muslim Brotherhood, with the support of Qatar, Turkey and Iran. In a sentence, Trump is not prepared to support with the American army the so-called “democratic” revolutions, which are financed by the Muslim Brotherhood in the Muslim World.

On the other hand, President Obama, who is the seed of an anti-American Shite Muslim from Kenya, had invited the Muslim Brotherhood during his equivalent speech of Cairo in 2009. With his speech, Obama encouraged Turkey, Iran and Qatar to support the revolts of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which was manifested with the Arab Spring of Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

In Saudi Arabia the Muslim Brotherhood was not successful, due to the Saudi financial reserves. But in Egypt, with her troubled economy which is poor in oil and gas, the Brotherhood went much further. The biggest news network of the Brotherhood is Aljazeera, the socialist anti-American network of the Emir of Qatar.

The plan was that the Muslim Brotherhood would come to power in the Middle East and North Africa, and then Iran would join, and there would be a Muslim arch against Russia, which would supply Europe and India with Muslim gas and oil. Russia has already designated the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, and Trump is thinking about doing the same.

Image The Obama Doctrine

Map the Obama Doctrine

So when you hear the left and the Muslim Brotherhood saying that Trump does not stand for human rights, you must know that what they really mean is that he does not support the “democratic” revolutions of the Muslim Brotherhood. You will never hear them complaining about human right violations in China and Iran. In China and Iran, if you strongly criticize the regimes, it is very likely that you will disappear. And yet you will never hear the left or the Muslim Brotherhood complaining about human right violations in China and Iran. They only care about human right violations in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, when the “democratic” revolutions of the Muslim Brotherhood are brought to their knees. Human rights kiss my ass.

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