Aljazeera VS Donald Trump


According to Aljazeera, the socialist news network that belongs to the Emir of Qatar, and which is also the largest network of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Sunnis of Syria must not thank Donald Trump for his attack on Assad’s air base. See Aljazeera “Syrians should not be thanking Trump for the strikes”, April 2017.

First because the attack was minor, second because the Americans have notified the Russians about the attack before hand, third because Assad’s removal is not a priority of the Trump administration, and fourth because Putin’s and Trump’s problem in Syria is Iran and not Assad. Aljazeera also accuses Russia for her cooperation with Israel.

The ambition of the Qataris is to overturn Assad in order to promote the Muslim Brotherhood pipeline i.e. Qatar-Turkey. The ambition of Iran is to block the Qatar-Turkey-Europe pipeline, and to reach the Mediterranean Sea i.e. Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline, and maybe in the future to also promote the Iran-Turkey-Europe natural gas pipeline. Russia’s ambition is to block both the Qatar-Turkey-Europe and the Iran-Turkey-Europe pipeline. The Obama’s administration ambition was to promote a single pipeline for the Muslim Brotherhood i.e. (Qatar+Iran)-Saudi Arabia-Jordan-Turkey-Europe pipeline, by helping the Muslim Brotherhood, which is supported by Turkey, Qatar and Iran, to overturn the Saudi and the Jordanian King.

You can see that even though Qatar and Iran have very different interests, they are together against Donald Trump, because Donald Trump’s ambition is to leave Syria to Russia i.e. the Qatar-Turkey pipeline dies, and in return ask Russia to leave Iraq to the United States, i.e. the Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline dies.

Iran and Qatar hope to receive support from France and China, two countries which are also hurt by the USA-Russia détente.

Map Oil and Gas Reserves and Pipelines


Syrians should not be thanking Trump for the strikes


Map Erbil-Ceyhan PipelineJPG

Map Gazprom Pipelines

White Stream Pipeline

Map Kurdistan Pipelines

Map Shareholders of TAP

Possible IS State 1


Χάρτης Αγωγοί Νότιας Ευρώπης

Saudi Sudan Pipeline

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