The End of Vladimir Putin

As you can read at the following article from Express, Vladimir Putin is considering withdrawing in 2017. Supposedly for reasons that have to do with his health. Express is a British newspaper close to Nigel Farage’s UKIP, which is a pro-Russian party.

See Express “Reign of Putin OVER? ‘Health problems to force Russian president to stand down NEXT YEAR”, November 2016



Putin was a KGB leader who became Russia’s leader in 2000, due to the war declared against NATO by Russia and Iran. NATO was supporting energy networks that were hurting both Iran and Russia, like the Muslim Brotherhood pipeline (Qatar-Turkey-Europe), but also the Turkmenistan-Ukraine-Poland pipeline, through Georgia. Both of these pipelines were hurting Russia. NATO was also promoting the Turkmenistan-India pipeline through Afghanistan, which was hurting Iran (TAPI pipeline).

The South Pars/North Field gas field, shared by Qatar and Iran, is the largest gas field in the world, while the Turkmen Galkynysh is the second largest gas field in the world.

Map (Russia+Iran) VS NATO

Χάρτης ΗΠΑ Ρωσίας.JPG

Obama tried to add Iran to the Muslim Brotherhood pipeline (Iran+Qatar-Saudi Arabia-Syria-Turkey-Europe). Obama was hoping to brake the Red Jihad axis (Russia+Iran), in order to send the natural gas of the South Pars/North Fields to Europe through the Sunni part of Syria, avoiding the Kurdistan of Turkey, where Russia has a lot of influence over the Kurdish terrorists of PKK.

But now Donald Trump is pushing France and Great Britain to cooperate with Russia, so that all together can face China, which will be the greatest rival of the US in the 21st Century. The change in the American policy means that sooner or later Europe’s gates will open for the Russian gas. If the Americans really want the Russians as their allies against China, they will have to help them export their gas to all of their allies i.e. Europe, India, South Korea and Japan.

Map The Trump Doctrine

Χάρτης ΗΠΑ Ρωσία 2.JPG

Without US support to NATO, Russia wins the war in Syria and Ukraine, and there is space for an alliance between USA and Russia, or at least for a normalization of their relations. China could try to replace Russia in the Red Jihad axis (China+Iran), but China exports 500 billion dollars of goods to the United States. Therefore it is difficult for Chinao to start supporting terrorist attacks against the US, because the US will impose economic sanctions on China.

The Russians are already thinking of handing Edward Snowden to the Americans. Edward Snowden is the American agent who stole information from the US secret services and sold them to Russia. Obviously the Russians have already taken what they wanted to take from Snowden, but nevertheless handing him to the United States will be very important. If Russia hands Snowden to the US they will discourage American soldiers to betray the United States in the future, because they will see what happened to Snowden who did it.

If Vladimir Putin, the ex-KGB chief, walks away, the Russians will send another positive signal to their new friends, the Americans. Vladimir Putin moved from the top of KGB to the leadership of Russia in order to fight NATO, which was hurting vital Russian economic interests. After all the Russians abandoned the Soviet Union to export their oil and gas to the large economies of Western Europe (Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy).

Yuri Andropov, another KGB leader, became the leader of the Soviet Union, when the Israelis defeated the Egyptians in 1967, with NATO’s support, and they established the Iranian-Israeli energy axis, which was bypassing the Arabs and the Suez Canal through the Israeli port of Eilat in the Red Sea. Yuri Andropov started a merciless war against NATO countries and Israel, and he was using skyjacking as one of his favourite weapons against the West.

With Putin’s rise to power in 2000, the Russians started supporting Iran, which was supporting Hezbollah, which was supporting Al-Qaeda, against the US and France. In 2001, while the Americans were negotiating with the Taliban the TAPI pipeline, Al-Qaeda attacked the Twin Towers. This was a Saudi attack, with Hezbollah’s support, and Hezbollah was supported by Iran, and Iran was supported by Russia, and Russia was led by Vladimir Putin. Al-Qaeda used an airplane attack, which was one of the Yuri Andropov’s favourite methods for demoralizing the West. The Americans responded with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If in the Trump era the Americans and the Russians become friends, maybe it will be time for Vladimir Putin to walk away from the cameras. After all Vladimir Putin has been leading Russia’s war against NATO in the last 15 years. Maybe the Russians will bring forward a more Western style leader. After all Putin’s mission is finished. Russia won the war in Syria and Ukraine.

Map of Oil and Gas.jpg

Σαουδική Αραβία 1.jpg


“Reign of Putin OVER? ‘Health problems to force Russian president to stand down NEXT YEAR”

VLADIMIR Putin could be forced to quit the Kremlin next year because of his worsening health, an insider has claimed.

The Russian president – a former KGB agent who prides himself on his physical fitness – is considering standing down in 2017 because of “certain circumstances”.

Political analyst Valery Solovey, a professor at Moscow State Institute of Foreign Affairs, gave the vague prediction that Mr Putin would quietly slip out of the public limelight in the next 12 months.




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