Donald, Hussein, the Poor Qataris, and the Poor Iranians

What a tragedy…The poor Qataris and the poor Iranians, together with the latino dictators, were waiting for Bernie Sanders to forbid fracking in the US, and to also implement heavy carbon taxes. They also expected him to weaken the American army. But this traitor lost.

Then the poor Qataris were waiting for Hilary to push the Qatar-Turkey pipeline, and they finaly got Donald, who does not give a shit about the Qatar-Turkey pipeline, and who wants to finally show some respect to Russia.

Then the poor Iranians, who had Barack Husein Obama, who had abolished sanctions against Iran and Cuba, got uncle Donald too. Hussein Obama had supported the Muslim Brotherhood, and had pushed for a deal with the communist narcoterrorists of FARC in Colombia.

FARC, Cuba, Iran, Hezbollah, Venezuela, and Nicaragua ship tons of cocaine in United States through Cuba, Mexico and Nicaragua, and they share the billions of profits. With the money from cocaine, except leading their luxurious lives, they also finance communist terrorists in USA (Black Lives Matter) and Islamists. Hussein Obama likes that because they are his customers (voters) and followers.

And now the poor Iranians got Trump, who told them that he will let them do as they please in Syria, but he will implement economic sanctions against them if they dare to attack the United States in Iraq.

The United States and Iran fight together the Sunni Islamists in Iraq, but they compete for the friendship of the Kurds and the Shiites of Iraq.

And uncle Donald threatens to implant again sanctions against Cuba, if the Castro brothers continue to smuggle cocaine in USA and if they keep financing communist and Islamist terrorists in the USA.

Hussein Obama completely ignored the Republicans when he became friends with FARC, Cuba and Iran. Hussein is the son of a Shiite Muslim from Kenya, and the American people made him their president. And he goes around the world apologizing for the United States, saying that racism is in the DNA of the American people. That’s how ungrateful Hussein is.

Who is your daddy now?







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