I Will be Back

I haven’t left. I am here, and I will be back soon. After a month, after five months, after a year, I don’t know when. But I will be back. I have said what I had to say about the 20th and 21st century Middle East. I will be back when I have something to say, and when I feel like saying something. Because right now I really have nothing to say.


5 thoughts on “I Will be Back”

  1. Iakovos, Thank-you for this message. I was wondering about you, as you have been a very prolific blogger. I think you should seriously give consideration to publishing much of this blog as a book. As for me, every few weeks I go back to your earlier articles that you posted prior to my discovery of your blog. Many thanks for this treasure trove! I have learned an immense amount of things reading here.


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