The Geopolitics of Islamism

Before WW1 (1914-1918) the Islamists of Africa were supported by the alliance of Germany, Austria and the Ottoman Empire. That makes perfect sense because the Germans and the Austrians wanted to use the Ottoman Caliphate, which was their ally, in order to promote Pan-Islamism in Africa as a means of attacking the English and the French who were controlling Africa. The Germans had almost zero influence in Africa.


Map 1 German Empire, Empire of Austria-Hungary and Ottoman Empire

MapOfEurope 1900.jpg

Map African Colonies ( French colonies with light green and British colonies with pink)

African Colonies.JPG

However the English and the French won WW1, and not only they did not lose Africa, but they also gained the Middle East, which until then was an Ottoman colony. Iraq and Palestine (Israel+Jordan) went to the British sphere of influence, and Syria and Lebanon went to the French sphere of influence.

Map British-French and Russians Zones

Σχέδιο Psykes Picot.JPG


With green on the above map you can see the part that would go to Russia. But Russia did not get her share because the Germans created the Russian Communist Party, and they used the Russians Communists against the Tsarist army. With the help of Germany and Austria the Communists won, and they left the war giving large parts of Russian territory to the Germans, the Austrians and the Ottomans as a payment. See “Germany’s Role in the Rise of Lenin”.



Χάρτης Μέση Ανατολή.JPG,h_430,al_c,q_80,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/3bbf45_b191881d1bbf42089bb157579bc7d3d2.jpg


Therefore we should not be surprised that until WW2 the geopolitics of Islamism remains the same, since the British and the French increased their influence in the Muslim World, and Germany was still trying to support the Islamists as a means of fighting them.

That’s why Hitler continued the Kaizer’s policy and he collaborated with the Muslim Brotherhood, which was established in Egypt in 1928 by an enthusiastic Hitler admirer Hassan al-Banna. During the 1920s Kemal Ataturk destroyed Islamism in Turkey, and he made Turkey a secular state.

Moreover, after the ruins of WW1, Kemal Ataturk wanted Turkey to have a balanced position towards Germany and the West. Therefore Turkey could no longer be used by Germany as a springboard to support Pan-Islamism in the Middle East and Africa against the English and the French.

In other words what the Ottoman Caliphate did for Germany during WW1, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt did for Hitler during WW2. See “The Alliance Between Hitler and the Muslim Brotherhood”.

That’s the situation until the end of WW2. After WW2 Germany is destroyed and the Soviet Union becomes the main opponent of the West. The Soviets will mainly support the socialist dictators in the Muslim World, and these dictators will gradually overturn the pro-Western monarchs in Algerian, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Syria.

When the socialists will rise to power in the Muslim countries it will be the turn of the Westerners to taste the benefits of supporting the Islamists against their enemies. With the help of Saudi Arabia the West will fight the pro-Soviet socialist dictators, and with the help of the Islamists the Americans will fight the Soviets when the Soviets will invade Afghanistan (1979-1989).

But things are a lot more complicated now. In 1979 radical Islamists will take control of Iran, and there will be Islamists who are supported by Iran and fight the West, and there will be Islamists who are supported by Saudi Arabia and fight the Soviets.

After the fall of the Soviet Union the Americans will try to send the oil and natural gas of Central Asia to the Indian Ocean, which would hurt all the Islamists of the Persian Gulf. China will allow Western companies to go to China, and China will rise, and will start importing more and more oil from the Persian Gulf. The American oil and gas production will increase tremendously, and the Americans will reduce their imports from the Persian Gulf. The Turks want the cheap natural gas of Russia, and Iran and Russia will support the Turkish Islamists who will come to power in 2002. It seems that now it is a lot more difficult for the Americans to cooperate with the Islamists.

But the Muslim Brotherhood still spends huge amounts of money in Europe and United States in order to buy communists. But most of the time the countries that support the Muslim Brotherhood i.e. Qatar, Iran and Turkey, will use these Communists against United States and Europe, and in order to promote their own interests. Qatar is supposed to be the ally of the United States, and it spends billions on American politicians. But Qatar has, at least indirectly, funded many terrorist attacks against the United States.

Now Erdogan dreams of creating again the Ottoman Caliphate, and he wants Turkey to regain her lost territories in the Middle East. But this time the Germans and the Ottomans are not friends anymore. The Germans are promoting the Russian-German pipelines i.e. Nord Stream, and the Ottomans are promoting the Southern Energy Corridor, the Qatar-Turkey, the Iran-Turkey and the Turk Stream pipelines, which are competing pipelines to the German ones.

Map Germans VS Ottomans


The Russians have recently made an agreement with the Islamists of Turkey against the United States. An alliance that reminds the alliance that was formed in 1939 between the Nazis and the Communists against the British and the French. The agreement between the Russians and the Islamists of Turkey is targeting the Americans. Except that it is a lot worse than the Nazi-Communist alliance, because the Nazis and the Communists in 1939 had a lot more in common, both in terms of ideology and in terms of economic interests.

But now the Americans are also using the Islamists of Qatar against the Russians. And the Russians are using the Islamists of Iran against the United States. They are competing for influence over the Islamists, but it seems that it is the Russians who are mainly benefiting from their alliance with the Islamists.

The Chinese do not want direct involvement with the Islamists, because they are afraid of the repercussions that this would have at their Muslim province of Xin Jiang.

Things are not as clear as they were before. Until the end of WW2 it was mainly the Germans who were to benefit mostly from the Islamists. After the end of WW2 and the rise of the pro-Soviet socialist dictators it was mainly the Americans who were to benefit from their alliance with the Islamists. Now it seems that the Russians are the ones to benefit from their alliance with the Islamists, due to the war between the United States and the Islamic terror groups like Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS etc. Even though the Muslim Brotherhood (Qatar) is spending huge amounts buying influence in the United States.

But Russia is not a true ally of the Islamists, because Russia does not have the same economic interests with Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran and Pakistan. And that’s why we compare the alliance between Russia and the Islamists with the alliance between the Communists and the Nazis. Except that it is even worse.


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