Sean Penn – Muslim Brotherhood

Sean Penn is one of the famous Hollywood actors who are very often used as a weapon against the United States by the Communist dictators of Latin America and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Image Sean Penn – Hugo Chavez

penn chavez.JPG

Sean Penn was a friend of Hugo Chavez, the Communist dictator of Venezuela, and he came very close to interviewing Fidel Castro, the Communist dictator of Cuba, at a time Fidel Castro had stopped giving interviews.

Cuba is a satellite of Venezuela and it receives oil subsidies, and I guess the interview was arranged by Venezuelan authorities. In the end Sean Penn interviewed Raul Castro. See Guardian “Sean Penn seeks interview with Fidel Castro in Cuba for Vanity Fair”, October 2009.

Argentina was very often cooperating with the alliance between Muslim Brotherhood (Iran, Qatar, Sudan, Turkey) and the Communist dictators of Latin America (Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua), and as expected Sean Penn supported Argentina and not England over the issue of the Falkland Islands. See Guardian “Sean Penn backs Argentina over Falkland Islands”, February 2012.

Sean Penn is linked to Iran, and as you can read at the following CNN article he played a role when Iran released two Americans who were imprisoned in Iran. See CNN “Sean Penn played a role in hikers’ release from Iran”, September 2011.

You can also see Scarlett Johannson in the picture. For many years Scarlett Johannson was in the leftist pro-Arab charity organization Oxfam.

At the following image you can see Sean Penn at a dinner with the Emir of Qatar.

Penn Johansson Al Thani.JPG

I have written about Hezbollah’s cooperation with the drug cartels of Mexico and Colombia, and I have said about how Venezuela allows Hezbollah to use her territory to communicate with the drug cartels. See “The Hezbollah-Al-Qaeda Axis”.

Not surprisingly Sean Penn managed to interview the largest drug lord of Mexico, and he was not very tough in the way he described him. I guess the interview was arranged by Venezuela, Cuba or Hezbollah. See Newsmax “7 Reasons Sean Penn Hates America and Why We Hate Him”, January 2016.

As expected Sean Penn was a strong critic of George Bush, and before the American attack to Iraq in 2003 Sean Penn was in Iraq meeting the closest associates of Saddam Hussein. See abcnews “Sean Penn Questions U.S. Policy, Visits Iraq”, December 2002.

Sean Penn is very pro-refugee, which is basically the demographic Jihad promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2016 Sean Penn made a movie for the refugees in order to indirectly promote the open borders with the Muslim world and to blame the West for the refugees. See Truth Revolt “Sean Penn’s Pro-Refugee ‘Epic’ Bombs at Cannes”, May 2016.

Sean Penn receives millions of dollars for his movies.


“Sean Penn seeks interview with Fidel Castro in Cuba for Vanity Fair”, October 2009

The actor Sean Penn has flown to Cuba to chase what would be the biggest scoop of his career as a part-time journalist: an interview with Fidel Castro.

The Oscar winner, who last year bagged interviews with Raúl Castro and Hugo Chávez, is reportedly on assignment for Vanity Fair in his quest to meet Cuba’s former president.

In a sign of Havana’s approval the communist party newspaper Granma covered Penn’s visit yesterday to the Island of Youth, where he visited a gallery and met artists.

According to the online magazine Penn hopes to ask Fidel about Cuba’s evolving relationship with the Obama administration.

The interview – which has not been confirmed – would be a coup for the Hollywood star’s brand of activist journalism. No western journalist has seen let alone interviewed the 83-year-old leader since an intestinal illness forced him from public view three years ago. Fidel stepped aside from the presidency but remains influential in Cuba – and an iconic, enigmatic figure abroad.

Penn, an outspoken liberal and anti-war activist, took a break from filming to visit Iraq as a journalist in 2004. He followed up with a visit to Iran the following year and then befriended Chávez.

Venezuela’s socialist president, who seldom gives interviews, gave ample access to Penn and arranged an interview with Raúl Castro, Cuba’s even more interview-shy president. The stories were published in The Nation and the Huffington Post.

Critics say the actor is too soft in the interviews and should leave journalism to professionals. “Why does someone like Penn think he can do this job, which isn’t his job?” asked The New Yorker.

Chávez and the Castros also opened their doors to Oliver Stone, another Hollywood leftist. He made sympathetic documentaries about his subjects, a contrast with most US media hostility to the Latin American presidents.


“Sean Penn backs Argentina over Falkland Islands”, February 2012


“Sean Penn Questions U.S. Policy, Visits Iraq”, December 2002


“Actor pours scorn on Bush and Iraq conflict”, May 2003


“7 Reasons Sean Penn Hates America and Why We Hate Him”, January 2016

Actor Sean Penn has come under heavy fire for setting up a secret interview with Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, Mexico’s foremost drug lord, in October, just months after he escaped from prison.

Penn detailed the interview in a new article for Rolling Stone published Saturday, one day after Guzmán was re-captured by Mexican authorities.

The episode is just the latest in a long line of Penn’s strange political stunts — antics that are consistently anti-American, and seem to be designed to indulge the actor’s ego more than anything else.

Gathered below are seven ways that Sean Penn’s behavior has shown he hates America, and why he’s drawn just as much hate in return.

  1. He interviewed El Chapo —, a liberal political website that is often sympatheticto blaming America for the all of the world’s troubles, could not bring itself to defend Penn during his latest bout of pseudo-journalistic derring-do. “Reading Penn’s article, it’s impossible not to see him as a useful idiot — a painfully naive man who gained access to Guzman because he’s famous, and because Guzman knew Penn would portray him in a flattering light,” Vox wrote. 

The publication concludes that Penn is “an angry critic of what he sees as American hegemony in the world — and, therefore, a self-styled crusader intent on finding out whether the people America calls evil are really as bad as advertised.” 

The liberal Los Angeles Times said much the same: “That Penn seemed to offer only minimal misgivings toward Guzman’s crimes — or, for that matter, seemed oblivious to how the drug kingpin might use the sit-down to enlarge his own myth or folk-hero status — only made things worse.”

  1. He interviewed Raul Castro — In 2008, when Fidel Castro’s brother took over Cuba’s presidency, Sean Penn traveled to Havana to pal aroundwith the dictator. He published an account of the trip in The Nation. Castro expressed interest in having a conversation with President Barack Obama, placing Penn in a de facto diplomatic situation for which he was not trained and had no authority to speak on behalf of America.
    3. He met with Fidel Castro — According to Time magazine, “In the 2008 [Raul Castro]piece, Penn mentions that he had previously met with Fidel Castro. A year later, the actor and liberal activist reportedly flew to Cuba to meet with him again for a Vanity Fair assignment. It’s unclear if that interview ever panned out, since no article was ever published.”
    4. He befriended and defended Hugo Chavez — According to CNN, Sean Penn traveled to South America several times to meet with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. After Chavez died in 2013, Penn said, “Today the people of the United States lost a friend it never knew it had. And poor people around the world lost a champion. I lost a friend I was blessed to have.” 

He also suggested anyone who called Chavez a dictator should be jailed: “Every day, this elected leader is called a dictator here, and we just accept it, and accept it. And this is mainstream media. There should be a bar by which one goes to prison for these kinds of lies,” he told Bill Maher in 2010, according to The Guardian.
The U.K. newspaper also reported that Penn, Oliver Stone, and Danny Glover, have all expressed support for the socialist dictator, and “have remained steadfast” in that support through several humanitarian disasters the country has faced.
5. He insulted and lectured President Bush — In 2002, Penn spent $56,000 to publish an open letter in The Washington Post criticizing President George W. Bush. The letter included personal insults like, “You lead, it seems, through a blood-lined sense of entitlement.” The New York Daily News reported that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez later used Penn’s letter to trash the U.S. in some of his own public speeches.
6. He met with one of Saddam Hussein’s top aides — According to the New York Post, “During the run-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the two-time Oscar winner infamously traveled to Baghdad to — in his words — ‘pursue a deeper understanding of the conflict’ and ‘find my own voice on matters of conscience.'” While there, he reportedly met with Hussein’s then-Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz, who would eventually surrender to U.S. forces and be found guilty of past murders and crimes against humanity.
7. He seemingly sided with Argentina regarding the Falklands — According to CNN, “As Argentina and the United Nations squared off over the [Falkland Islands] territory, which Argentina calls Las Malvinas, Penn seemed to take the South American country’s side. He reportedly described Prince William’s 2012 deployment there on a military mission as ‘unthinkable.’ And on a visit to South America, he called the islands the Malvinas, which sparked criticism of the actor on the other side of the Atlantic.”


Ο Σον Πεν και η Σκάρλετ Γιόχανσον καλεσμένοι του Εμίρη του Κατάρ

Sean Penn & Scarlett Johansson Fete Al-Jazeera’s Owners


“Sean Penn played a role in hikers’ release from Iran”, September 2011

1st, 2nd Paragraphs

Actor Sean Penn helped play a role in securing this week’s release of two U.S. hikers imprisoned in Iran for more than two years, his representative confirmed Friday.

The report was first published by the Reuters news agency, which cited a source close to the release process as saying that Penn flew to Venezuela months ago to speak about the hikers’ plight with President Hugo Chavez, an ally of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


“Sean Penn, Michael Moore and Oliver Stone pay tribute to Hugo Chávez”


“Sean Penn’s Pro-Refugee ‘Epic’ Bombs at Cannes”, May 2016


“The Hezbollah-Al-Qaeda Axis”.

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