War and Peace

With the recent agreement between Putin and Erdogan the eastern borders of Europe will not have access to alternatives to the Russian natural gas from the East i.e. Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraqi Kurdistan and Iran

Map The Map of Natural Gas

Map Russia Turkey.JPG

Moreover, if the French, the Spanish and the Algerians dare to construct the Trans-Saharan Pipeline (Nigeria-Niger-Agleria), the Islamists will attack them with support from Turkey and Russia. In that case the Turks and the Russians will also threaten the uranium reserves of Niger, which are used to produce electricity in France.

The Russians have also made an agreement with Israel, because Israel, together with Cyprus and Greece could send the natural gas of Iran and Qatar to Europe. That is assuming Qatar and Iran are not happy with the agreement between Turkey and Russia. I do not know how the Qataris and the Iranians feel about this agreement, and it is something very important.

But if Israel goes with NATO, Hamas will attack Israel from Gaza with Turkish support, and Hezbollah will attack Israel from Lebanon with Russian support. The same is true for Egypt. Egypt has made an agreement with Russia, and if Egypt dares to go with NATO the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS will attack Egypt with Turkish and Russian support.

Therefore either you accept that the European Union will be addicted to the Russian gas, or you go to war. I believe that the EU must accept the rein of the Russian gas in Europe, and Russia must lower the price and relax her grip over the countries of Eastern Europe.

There is also the issue of the Middle East. According to the Russian-Turkish agreement Russia will give the Sunni part of Syria to Turkey. For Turkey the Sunni part of Syria is the entrance to the Arab world avoiding the Kurds and the Iranians. Turkey would be the queen of the Middle East, and Erdogan would blackmail the Arabs of the Gulf and ask them for higher and higher commissions.

Map Middle East and Kurdistan



But how much influence does Turkey want to have in the Middle East? She just wants money or she wants the Middle East to be at her sphere of influence? If the Russian-Turkish agreement is for Russia to take Europe and for Turkey to take the Middle East obviously a World War will break out. But I guess Turkey will just go for the money because Putin and Erdogan know that otherwise they cannot avoid a World War

I repeat it is very important how Iran and Qatar see the Russian-Turkish agreement.

Map Natural (red) and Oil (black) of the Middle East

Map Oil and Gas Reserves and Pipelines.JPG


5 thoughts on “War and Peace”

  1. I’d also like just simple articles showing documentation. Without as much knowledge as you, we are simply taking your word, which is meaningless on the internet. Can you cite, for example (but not limited to) articles telling of the development of the Trans-Saharan Pipeline, and how Turkey is pursuing Sunni Syria?


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