A Summary of the Wars of the 21st Century


The Americans attacked their sworn enemy Saddam Hussein in Iraq in order to overturn the Sunni Arab minority that was ruling and was oppressing the Shia Arab majority, and the Sunni Kurds. By overturning Saddam Hussein the oil of the Shia Arabs in South Iraq would freely flow to the Persian Gulf, and the natural gas and oil of the Sunni Kurds of Northern Iraq (Iraqi Kurdistan) would freely flow to Turkey, the Mediterranean Sea and Europe.

As long as Saddam was ruling Iraq the Americans would need to impose economic sanctions against Iraq because he would use his oil revenues to buy arms and support terrorist attacks against the United States.

For more details see “The Truth About the US Invasion of Iraq in 2003”.


Image 1

Ιράκ 1.JPG

Image 2

Iraq 3.JPG

Image 3 Oil (black) and natural gas (red) of the Middle East

Ιράκ 2.JPG

Map of Oil and Gas.jpg


In Afghanistan the Americans are fighting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, who are supported by the Iranians and the Arabs, because the Americans want to send the oil of Kazakhstan and the natural gas of Turkmenistan to Pakistan and India, so that Central Asia is not completely dependent on the US rivals (Iran, Russia, China). Actually that’s what the communist dictators of these countries want. They do not want to be dependent on China, Russia and Iran. But that would hurt the oil and natural gas exports of the Iranians and the Arabs.

In Afghanistan there is also the regional war between Iran, India, the Arabs and Pakistan. Even if the Americans weren’t there the Iranians, the Indians, the Arabs and the Pakistanis would kill each other in Afghanistan. But I am talking about the war between USA on one hand and the Taliban and Al-Qaeda on the other.

For more details see “The Afghan Oil Pipeline and the US Negotiations with the Taliban”


And “The Paradox of Afghanistan”


Map 1

Αφγανιστάν 1.JPG


The Syrian war was not an American war as the communist and nazi propaganda says. In Syria the Turks and the Arabs decided to attack Syria with the Arab Spring of 2011, in order to take the Sunni part of the country. With the pretext of democracy the Arabs and the Turks were asking for elections in Syria, because they were hoping that due to the Sunni Arab Sunnni majority, which was ruled by Bashar al Assad’s minority, the Turks and the Arabs would take control of the country and open a Sunni energy corridor (Qatar-Turkey-Europe). At the same time they would undo the Iranian influence in Syria.

With yellow on the map you can see Syria’s Sunni majority, with chaki the Sunni Kurds, and with green at the Syrian coasts the Alawite minority of Bashar al Assad. Bashar al Assad, like his father Hafez al Assad, is the strongest ally of Iran in the Middle East, and he is a Russian ally too.

For more details see “Who is Responsible for the War and the Immigrants”


Image 1

Συρία 2.JPG

Image 2

Συρία 1.jpg


In Libya the United States did not want the war as you hear from the Communist, the NAZI and the Islamic propaganda, because since 2002 the Libyan dictator Qaddafi was cooperating with the Americans, the French and the English against the Islamists.

The Americans simply accepted to help their French allies. The French were diplomatically “hurt” when in Tunisia and Egypt they supported their allies i.e. the socialist dictators Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak, who were finally overturned by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Nicola Sarkozy had to officially apologize for France’s stance in the Arab Springs of Tunisia and Egypt, in order to defend himself from the propaganda war that was launched against him by the Communists and the Islamists.

When Sarkozy saw the men from the special forces of Sudan, Hezbollah and Qatar entering Libya, with Iran’s blessings, and probably with Turkey’s blessings too, he rushed to support the rebels, in order to prevent Turkey and Iran, two enemies of France, from gaining too much influence in Libya. If Turkey and Iran became too strong in Libya they could turn North Africa to a nightmare for France. And France is traditionally counting on the resources of Africa for her industry. Remember that in Tunisia and Egypt, where Sarkozy supported the dictators who were finally overturned by the Muslim Brotherhood, France’s image was “hurt” and he was attacked by the Communist and Islamist propaganda.

The reason Iran wanted the overturn of Qaddafi, even though they were allies for decades against the Americans and the Saudi King, was that since 2002 Qaddafi started cooperating with the Americans and the English against the Islamists, who were common enemies.

Qaddafi also supported the separatists of South Sudan, and Sudan was Iran’s strongest ally in Africa at the time, and the South Sudanese separatists gained their independence in 2011

Qaddafi was also an enemy of the Shia Islamists of the Lebanese Hezbollah, which is the strongest Iranian ally.Hezbollah was very strong in Sudan, for as long as Sudan was a strong Iranian ally i.e. until 2015.

Moreover in 2003 Qaddafi had betrayed the Pakistanis, when he surrendered his nuclear equipment to the Americans. The Pakistanis were selling to Iran too nuclear technology in the black market. After that Iran had to rely only on North Korea and probably Argentina, given that the Russians do not want them to obtain nuclear weapons.

Qaddafi and Sarkozy had also agreed that France would construct in Libya a factory for the production of nuclear energy, and Qaddafi would stop challenging France in West Africa, by supporting terrorist groups against the French, for example the Tuaregs. France had traditionally counted on Africa’s resources for her industry, for example the uranium of Niger etc.

All the above were bad news for the Iranians, who together with the Sudanese were supporting many jihadist groups in Africa. The Islamists took advantage of the discontent, or even the hostility, that the people of Cyrineica had for Qaddafi, because Qaddafi was from Tripolitania and sometimes he was cruel and unfair to the people of Cyreneica. Most of the oil of Libya is located in Cyreneica.

For more details see “Iran’s Role in the Arab Spring of Libya”


Image 1

Λιβύη 1.JPG

Image 2

Λιβύη 2.JPG


From Ukraine the Russian natural gas flows to Europe, and the Russians and the Ukrainians were always fighting for natural gas, because the Ukrainians were accusing the Russians for charging them very high prices in order to support the Ukrainians oligarchs who back in Ukraine, and the Russians were accusing the Ukrainians for stealing natural gas that was supposed to go to Europe.

Ukraine decided to move away from Russia and towards the West, and the Russians decided to annex Crimea, which in reality was Russian and not Ukrainian territory, and they started the war in Ukraine. Ukraine is very important for Russia, and Russia went to a war with Georgia in 2008 for the issue of White Stream, which was a natural gas pipeline that would send Azeri gas to Ukraine through Georgia and the Black Sea.

Moreover the American Chevron and the Anglo-Dutch Shell had signed agreements with the Ukrainian governments for the development of the two large Ukrainian shale gas fields, with each gas field holding approximately 1 trillion cubic meters of gas. But they had to leave the country after the war in Ukraine broke out.

Moreover Turkey is discussing with Iran and Ukraine the possibility of sending Iranian natural gas to Ukraine, either through the Black Sea or through Romania. Russia is trying to bypass Ukraine with the Nord and South Stream Pipelines (or the Turk Stream pipeline).

For more details see “Gazprom VS NATO : The War for Europe”.


Image 1

Ουκρανία 1.JPG

Image 2

Ουκρανία 2.JPG

Image 3

Ουκρανία 3.JPG


The natural gas of the Iraqi Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) and Iran, but also of Turkmenistan (through Iran) can reach Turkey and Europe through the Kurdistan of Turkey, and Russia is using her influence over the Kurds of Turkey to attack Turkey.

For more details see “Towards a Kurdish Civil War”?


and “How the Americans and the Russians see the Kurds”


Image 1

Map Kurdistan Pipelines.JPG

Image 2

Map Erbil-Ceyhan PipelineJPG.JPG



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  1. Oh come on buddy, Nazarbayev and Berdymuhamedov are not communists. Second, I kinda doubt that the Americans were aware about the ethno-religious makeup if Iraq. My impression is that it was a surprise for them that after the fall of Hussein, the Iraqis started fighting each other along ethno-religious lines. Don’t you think?


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