Russia VS Iran

I was saying that the Indians want to buy each year 30 billion cubic meters of Russian natural gas. Maybe the Indians want to calm down the Russians now that they are friends with the United States. See Russia by the Headlines.

Russia also agreed to sell to Pakistan approximately 15 billion cubic meters of gas each year. Now that India became friends with the United States, Russia became friends with Pakistan.

Therefore Russia could sell 50 billion cubic meters of gas every year to Pakistan and India. for a start.


Map of Russia.JPG

Israel and Egypt jointly have 3 trillion cubic meters of gas reserves. That’s enough to send 50 billion cubic meters of gas to India and Pakistan for the next 60 years. And if Russia was to send natural gas to the East Mediterranean Sea through Turkey, Russia could send natural gas to India and Pakistan, and possibly others, for the next 5.000 years.

The great Iranian weapon against the Russians is that if Russia is not a good girl, the Iranians will send gas to Europe, either through Turkey, or through Georgia (White Stream), or through Syria.

But if the Iranians threaten Russia that they will send gas to Europe, Russia can threaten the Iranians that she will send gas to Asia if they are not good boys. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. That is of course if the Russian-Iranian relations turn sour. And that’s a possibility.

And if the amounts the Russians send through Turkey are large enough, the Turks will make lots of money. And then Putin could go to Erdogan and say to him “my friend Tayip, why don’t you forget the Iranians, and become my friend, in order for your country to make money, and for my country to stop sending arms to the Kurds”?

That’s a proposal Erdogan would have to think about. And even if Erdogan does not think about it, it could still scare the Iranians.



Pakistan, Russia sign agreement for construction of North-South gas pipeline”, October 2015

“India may import Russian gas via Iran swap or TAPI pipeline”, December 2015

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