How Much Natural Gas Sells For

Gazprom agreed to sell natural gas to Ukraine for 485 dollars per 1.000 cubic meters. That means 485 thousand dollars per 1.000.000 cubic meters, and 485 million dollars for 1 billion cubic meters. Therefore for each 1 billion cubic meters of Russian gas that Ukraine will wish to import, she will have to pay Russia 485 million dollars.


When you want to estimate how much a given quantity of natural gas is sold for, just take half of the quantity in dollars. For example 100 billion cubic meters of natural gas would sell for 50 billion dollars. That’s just an estimate of course and it is far from accurate. Just make sure the quantity is not given in cubic feet but in cubic meters.

The United States each year consumes approximately 700 billion cubic meters of natural gas, therefore if it was to pay the same price that Ukraine pays, the United States would pay 350 billion dollars. And that’s only for its natural gas consumption. There is oil consumption, nuclear energy, coal, renewable energy, which are also huge amounts.

US Annual Consumption of Natural Gas (cubic meters)

*domestic production plus imports

USA Natural Gas Consumption per Year.JPG

The funny thing is that stupid socialists, who read communist and nazi propaganda, believe that the wars are fought for the arms sales. But the United States exports approximately 35 billion dollars in arms. Russia is second with 10 billion dollars. The United States and Russia only sell arms to allies, and sometimes, they even give them for free. If they don’t like you they will not sell to you. But stupid socialists believe that the wars are fought for the arms sales.

Image 1 : Socialist Thinker



Gas price for Ukraine set at USD 485 per 1,000 cubic meters from April

“The U.S. Is Still No.1 at Selling Arms to the World”, December 2015


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