The Financing of Hollywood’s Socialist Propaganda

The Wolf of Wall Street

I don’t know how many of you have seen the “Wolf of the Wall Street” with Leonardo Dicaprio. It is a film that presents the stock market as a sum of drug addicts and lawless men. The stock market is one of the cornerstones of capitalism, and by presenting it as a sum of drunks and crooks, socialists are trying to demolish the free market and the free society.

Image 1 “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Leon di Cap.JPG

The Wolf of Wall Street was financed with Muslim oil money, which actually came from the sinful Malaysian 1MDB fund. Malaysia is a Muslim country, and she is an exporter of oil and natural gas. The 1MDB was a state fund set up for the development of Kuala Lumpur, but the Malaysian political elite used the fund in a non transparent way.

Actually the Malaysian Prime Minister was accused for transferring to his personal bank accounts 700 million dollars from 1MDB, and he later said that the money was a donation of the Saudi Royal family. The Saudi government admitted that the money was a Saudi donation, but according to the Saudis it had nothing to do with the Saudi government, but with some members of the Saudi Royal family. See BBC “Malaysia 1MDB: Saudi minister says Najib funds were donation”, April 2016.

As you can read at the following Wall Street Journal article, the “Wolf of the Wall Street” was financed with 100 million dollars from the Malaysian 1MDB fund. To be more accurate the money came from a studio that received 155 million dollars from the sinful 1MDB. See Wall Street Journal “The Secret Money Behind ‘The Wolf of Wall Street”, April 2016.

Therefore the “Wolf of the Wall Street” was produced with 100 million of Muslim oil money. I am not at all surprised to see Muslim countries financing socialist propaganda in the United States, because that’s the best way to weaken the country. This method was extensively used by the Soviets during the Cold War. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the European and American communists started working for the Islamists.

Recently, another big movie was financed with Arab money, in order to undermine the American oil and natural gas industry, i.e. Matt Damon’s “Promised Land”. The Promised Land presents the American fracking companies as a bunch of crooks. The movie was financed by a studio owned by the Royal family of the United Arab Emirates. See the Daily Signal “Matt Damon’s Anti-Fracking Movie Financed by Oil-Rich Arab Nation”, September 2012

Image 2 The Promised Land

Hollywood Άραβες

Another big movie full of socialist propaganda was The Big Short”, even though I do not know how it was financed.

Image 3 The Big Short

leon cap.JPG

The Big Short presented the financial crisis as a flaw of capitalism, while it was the result of excessive government intervention.

For the real causes of of economic bubbles see “The Socialist Myth of Economic Bubbles”.

Note that Leonardo Dicaprio is always in favor of Muslim immigrants and refugees that want to immigrate to Europe and United States, and he designated “messenger of peace” by the United Nations. See United Nations “Secretary-General designates Leonardo DiCaprio as UN Messenger of Peace”, September 2014.

Image 4

Leonardo di Caprio.JPG

Leonardo Dicaprio was also made UN Climate Change representative. See “Leonardo DiCaprio Tapped As UN Climate Change Representative Ahead Of Major New York Climate Summit”, September 2014.

Most of the people in the refugee and climate departments of the United Nations are socialists, and have very good relations with the Muslim countries. But note that the Gulf countries, like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates, even though they accuse the Europeans and the Americans for not accepting enough Syrian refugees, they haven’t accepted any.  See BBC “Migrant crisis: Why the Gulf states are not letting Syrians in”, September 2015.

Oliver Stone is a famous socialist film producer. When the communists rose to power in Greece he openly celebrated their victory. See Greek Analyst “Viva Tsipras; Viva a New Greece”, June 2015.

Hollywood’s Financiers

But let me go back to the politics of oil and natural gas. The Muslim countries, but also Russia and China, do not have the military power required to threaten the United States with conventional war. It is true that they can use terrorism, and they do use it extensively, but the United States has a strong counter terrorism intelligence service, and unless the Islamists manage to launch a nuclear terrorist attack the United States will remain powerful.

The most efficient way to hurt, or threaten the United States, is by hiring socialists within the United States, in order to spread socialist propaganda. I have to say that Russians are not using communists any more, but national socialists instead. Both Communists and Nazis are socialists, but Communists are internationalists while Nazis are nationalists. Therefore it is more useful for the Islamists to hire American and European Communists, in order to flood Europe and America with Muslim immigrants, whom they can later hire as soldiers and carry terrorist attacks.

One of the reasons, but not the only one, that all these countries have a motive to finance socialist propaganda in the United States is that the United States is undermining their oil and natural gas exports. The new production techniques that were invented in United States (fracking), allowed the production of oil and natural gas from the American and Canadian shale reserves, and they were a real disaster for the Arab, Iranian and Russian oil and gas exports. The increased oil and gas production also put downward pressure on oil prices.

As you can see at the following Energy Information Administration diagram, the United States overtook Saudi Arabia and Russia as the top producer of oil and natural gas in the world.

Image US, Russian and Saudi Oil (dark color) and Natural Gas (light color) Production

Map USA Russia Saudi Arabia Oil and Natural Gas Production.JPG

As you can see at the following map, the Arabs, the Iranians and the Russians hold most of the conventional global reserves of oil.

Image 6 Map of Global Reserves of Conventional Oils

Map Conventional Oil Reserves.JPG

The Arabs and the Iranians were very lucky with conventional oil reserves, but they are very unlucky with shale reserves, as you can see at the following map from Energy Information Administration, because they do not have any. Russia was not as unlucky as the Iranians and the Arabs, because Russia is the richest country in shale oil reserves, and the ninth richest in shale gas reserves.

But Russia does not have the American technology to produce oil and gas from shale, and anyway she is also deeply hurt by the falling oil and gas prices. When you are a net exporter of energy you want high prices, and when you are a net importer of oil and gas you want low energy prices.

Image 7 Map Global Shale Oil Reserves

Map Shale Reserves.JPG

At the following table you can see the richest countries in shale oil and shale gas (conventional reserves are not included). You can see that the Iranians have not shale reserves.

Image 8 Table Richest Countries in Shale Oil and Shale Rock

Αποθέματα Σχιστόλιθου.JPG

Another country that is really directly and indirectly hurt by the increased American production is Venezuela. Venezuela is directly hurt because her oil exports to the United States are falling, as you can see at the following diagram from Energy Information Administration. Venezuela is also indirectly hurt by the American production, because the lower oil prices reduce her revenues from other countries too.

Image 9 US Imports from Venezuela

US Oil Imports from Venezuela.JPG

Venezuela is the richest country of the American continent in oil reserves, and actually the richest one in the word. But Venezuela is a socialist country, and socialist countries are always very corrupted and poor. The richest person in Venezuela is the daughter of the ex socialist President Hugo Chavez, so you can imagine how the socialists do business. See Breitbart “Hugo Chavez’s Favorite Daughter Is Richest Person in Venezuela”, August 2015.

Image 10 Oil Reserves of Venezuela

Venezuela Oil Reserves

Due to geographic proximity Venezuela counts on her US oil exports as you can see at the following EIA diagram. Unfortunately the data I have refers to 2011.

Image 11

Venezuela Exports to the US.JPG

Nigeria is another major exporter of oil which is hurt by the United States’ increased production. The Arabs, the Iranians, the Venezuelans, the Russians, and all the countries that are hurt by the American production, are supporting socialist propaganda in the United States. For example, Bernie Sanders, the Jewish candidate who was supported by the Qataris and the Iranians, promised to ban production from shale rock (fracking) if he was elected.

Hilary Clinton on the other hand said she would not ban fracking, and that she would allow foreign countries to buy the American technology, in order to exploit their own shale reserves. See Huffington Post “Bernie Sanders Will Ban Fracking. Hillary Clinton ‘Sold Fracking to the World”, February 2016.

Bernie Sanders is also very aggressive towards Israel, even though he is a Jew. Actually the Jewish voters of New York voted mainly for Hilary Clinton. See Haaretz “Hillary Clinton Takes Jewish Vote in New York Primaries”, April 2016.

You can see the Arab support for Bernie Sanders when you read the articles of the Arab news networks. See for example the articles of the Qatari state-owned Al Jazeera network.

“Why women should support Sanders not Clinton”, February 2016

“Why I will vote for Bernie Sanders”, February 2016

“Muslims for Bernie Sanders”, April 2016

Or read the Saudi Al Arabiya “Only Bernie Sanders can stop Donald Trump”, March 2016.

Bernie Sanders is also really likened by Evo Morales, the communist leader of Bolivia. See Guardian “Profile: Bolivia’s President Evo Morales”, February 2016.

Evo Morales, a former coca-grower, was a close friend of Hugo Chavez, the Communist leader of Venezuela.

Image 12

Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales.JPG

Oil and gas exports account for approximately 50% of Bolivia’s exports.

Image 13

Bolivian Exports.jpg

For more details on Bernie Sanders, the Arabs and oil money see “American Politics in the Age of Oil: The Phenomenon of Bernie Sanders”.

The cost of production for shale oil varies from 40 to 90 dollars per barrel, depending on the particular deposit. The cost of production for conventional oil varies from 10 to 40 dollars per barrel. Therefore, when the price of oil is above 40 dollars per barrel, frackers can enter the market, and they make it very difficult for the countries of the international oil cartel (OPEC) to synchronize (reduce) their oil production in order to boost prices. See Bloomberg “OPEC Unsure How It Can ‘Live Together’ With Shale Oil”, February 2016.

For the production cost of shale and conventional oil see Investopedia “The Cost of Shale Oil Versus Conventional Oil”.

From al the above you can understand why it is so important for the Arabs, the Iranians and the Russians to support socialists in order to undermine the United States and promote their interests. During the Cold War the Soviets were supporting communists in the United States. After the collapse of the Soviet Union it is the Muslim countries that support communists in Europe and United States, even though they do not like communists in their countries. The Russians now mainly support national socialists.

The Canadian-American Oil Pipeline

The Keystone Pipeline is a planned Canadia-American oil pipeline, which will carry every day 800.000 barrels of oil from Alberta in Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

Image 14 Keystone Pipeline

Map Keystone Pipeline.JPG–300×343.jpg

This pipeline will be a disaster for the oil exporting countries of South America, like Venezuela and Bolivia, but also Mexico. Oil exports account for more than 10% of Mexico’s exports.

Image 15

Mexican Exports.JPG

Remember that the pro-immigrant Bernie Sanders does not want a fence on the Mexican-American borders, and he also wants to give citizenship to illegal immigrants leaving in United States. See “Bernie Sanders Tells Latinos He Backs Immigration Reform at NALEO”, June 2015.

Anyway, the Keystone Pipeline hurts many countries, and again Bernie Sanders is very strongly opposing it, supposedly for environmental reasons. Hilary Clinton was in favor of the project. See Huffington Post “Bernie Sanders Is Against Keystone XL. Hillary Clinton Was ‘Inclined’ to Approve It. Why the Difference”, July 2015.

The Keystone Pipeline was raised by socialists and became a key issue of the primary elections and Hilary Clinton had changed her stance and opposed it. See CNN “Hillary Clinton opposes Keystone XL pipeline”, September 2015.

Note that one of the major environmental groups of the United States, the Sierra Club, which is a major opponent of the Keystone Pipeline, openly admitted that Saudi Arabia is one its major allies in the fight against the pipeline. See the site of Sierra Club “Our best ally in the fight against Keystone XL: The House of Saud”, January 2015.

Obama vetoed the construction of the Keystone pipeline in 2015, citing environmental change. See New York Times “Citing Climate Change, Obama Rejects Construction of Keystone XL Oil Pipeline”, November 2015.

In 2014 Obama had said that there was little benefit for the United States from the Keystone pipeline, because it would have a negative impact on the environment, and it would be used only for exporting Canadian oil from the Gulf of Mexico. See Political Fact “Obama says Keystone XL is for exporting oil outside the U.S., experts disagree”, November 2014.

As a final note I have to say that the market of renewable energy is a multi-billion dollar market, and it is the one that can be very well represented by environmentalists. Green energy is great of course, but the problem is that it is a lot more expensive than the energy produced from oil, natural gas and coal. See for example “The Islamist-Environmentalist Alliance”, November 2011.


“Secretary-General designates Leonardo DiCaprio as UN Messenger of Peace”, September 2014

1st Paragraph

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has designated Academy Award-nominated actor and committed environmental activist, Leonardo DiCaprio, as a UN Messenger of Peace with a special focus on climate change.

“Oliver Stone on Greek Crisis: “Viva Tsipras; Viva a New Greece”, June 2015

“Keystone Pipeline – Ownership”

11th, 12th Paragraphs

While the project was originally developed as a partnership between TransCanada Corporation and ConocoPhillips, TransCanada is now the sole owner of the Keystone Pipeline System, as TransCanada received regulatory approval on August 12, 2009 to purchase ConocoPhillips’ interest.[18]

Certain parties who have agreed to make volume commitments to the Keystone expansion to have the option to acquire up to a combined 15% equity ownership.[17] One such company is Valero Energy Corporation.[19]

“Leonardo DiCaprio Tapped As UN Climate Change Representative Ahead Of Major New York Climate Summit”, September 2014

1st Paragraph

Leonardo DiCaprio’s global fame and passion for the planet has earned him a starring role at the United Nations climate summit in New York next week. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon tapped the actor to be the organization’s representative on climate change and to address the opening of the Sept. 23 event.

“Ban welcomes Leonardo DiCaprio as new UN Messenger of Peace ahead of climate march”

“The Secret Money Behind ‘The Wolf of Wall Street”, Απρίλιος 2016

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Paragraph

Despite the star power of Leonardo DiCaprio and director Martin Scorsese, the 2013 hit movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” took more than six years to get made because studios weren’t willing to invest in a risky R-rated project.

Help arrived from a virtually unknown production company called Red Granite Pictures. Though it had made just one movie, Red Granite came up with the more than $100 million needed to film the sex- and drug-fueled story of a penny-stock swindler.

Global investigators now believe much of the money to make the movie about a stock scam was diverted from a state fund 9,000 miles away in Malaysia, a fund that had been established to spur local economic development.

The investigators, said people familiar with their work, believe this financing was part of a wider scandal at the Malaysian fund, which has been detailed in Wall Street Journal articles over the past year.

The fund, 1Malaysia Development Bhd., or 1MDB, was set up seven years ago by the prime minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak. His stepson, Riza Aziz, is the chairman of Red Granite Pictures.


Fracking is the fossil fuel industry’s latest false solution to our energy challenge. It’s more expensive, more polluting, and more dangerous than clean, renewable energy. So why are we pursuing fracking in the first place?

“Bernie Sanders Will Ban Fracking. Hillary Clinton ‘Sold Fracking to the World”, February 2016

“Malaysia 1MDB: Saudi minister says Najib funds were donation”, April 2016

“Matt Damon’s Anti-Fracking Movie Financed by Oil-Rich Arab Nation”, September 2012

3rd Paragraph

While left-leaning Hollywood often targets supposed environmental evildoers,Promised Land was also produced “in association with” Image Media Abu Dhabi, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Media, according to the preview’s list of credits. A spokesperson with DDA Public Relations, which runs PR for Participant Media, the company that developed the film fund backing Promised Land, confirmed that AD Media is a financier. The company is wholly owned by the government of the UAE.

Heritage Foundation Economic Freedom Index

“OPEC Unsure How It Can ‘Live Together’ With Shale Oil”, February 2016

“Shale Oil and Shale Gas Resources are Globaly Abundant”, January 2014

“Here Are The Breakeven Oil Prices For America’s Shale Basins”, October 2014,

“Our best ally in the fight against Keystone XL: The House of Saud”, January 2015

1st Paragraph

Today the United States Senate joined the House of Representatives in passing legislation backing construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Environmentalists are depending on President Barack Obama’sveto pen to block the project–at least until the State Department issues its final ruling in the matter. But we have another, even more potent ally in the fight: the House of Saud. Rather than cutting back production in order to stabilize oil prices, the world’s largest oil producer is keeping its petroleum taps wide open, hoping to drown upstart competitors in Canada, North Dakota, and Russia in a sea of cheap oil. Here’s Puneet Kollipara in The Washington Post:

“Bernie Sanders Is Against Keystone XL. Hillary Clinton Was ‘Inclined’ to Approve It. Why the Difference”, July 2015

4th Paragraph

While the debate rages, some people have taken a firm and bold stance on the environmental disaster in the making. Perhaps the biggest opponent of Keystone XL in Congress is Senator Bernie Sanders, who says, “The idea that we would give a green light for the transportation of 800,000 barrels of some of the dirtiest oils all over the world makes no sense to me.” In addition, Bernie Sanders has openly questioned the sanity of Congress, declaring that “it is totally crazy” to think Keystone won’t adversely affect the planet and states the following:

7th Paragraph

One big question for Democrats in 2016 will be Hillary Clinton’s ‘inclination’ to support Keystone. In an article by The Christian Science Monitor titled Hillary Clinton has a Keystone XL problem, Clinton’s ambiguous position on the biggest environmental controversy of recent years is analyzed:

9th Paragraph

In February, President Obama sided with progressives like Bernie Sanders and took a direct and unwavering stand on the Keystone XL pipeline, vetoing the Keystone XL bill and blocking what describes as a “pipeline that would connect Alberta, Canada with Gulf Coast refineries that would carry 800,000 barrels per day of tar sands oil across the United States to be refined, exported and burned.” Like Bernie Sanders, who vehemently opposes the pipeline and believes it will lead to a “significantly less inhabitable” planet, Obama listened to the concerns of Greenpeace and others regarding “how disastrous the tar sands oil industry is to the climate.”

14th Paragraph

Finally, the word “why” will be an important issue of its own in the upcoming election. If the GOP supports Keystone, and Clinton was “inclined” to support it, then why does there exist a difference on Keystone between Sanders and Clinton? Why is one person overtly against it while the other is silent? The answer to this question, and to several others, could dictate who wins the 2016 Democratic nomination. It’s also an answer that might enable Bernie Sanders to win the presidency.

“Hillary Clinton opposes Keystone XL pipeline”, September 2015

“Justin Trudeau ‘disappointed’ with U.S. rejection of Keystone XL”, November 2015

1st, ,2nd, 3rd , 4th Paragraphs

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doesn’t like the U.S. decision to reject the Keystone XL pipeline, but says it will not hurt the strong bond between the two countries.

“We are disappointed by the decision but respect the right of the United States to make the decision,” he said in a statement. 

“The Canada-U.S. relationship is much bigger than any one project and I look forward to a fresh start with President Obama to strengthen our remarkable ties in a spirit of friendship and co-operation.”

“We know that Canadians want a government that they can trust to protect the environment and grow the economy. The government of Canada will work hand in hand with provinces, territories and like-minded countries to combat climate change, adapt to its impacts, and create the clean jobs of tomorrow.”

8th , 9th  Paragraph

Interim Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose urged Trudeau to open new talks with Obama to voice Canada’s position that building the pipeline is environmentally sustainable and will create jobs.

“We are extremely disappointed that President Obama succumbed to domestic political pressure and rejected the Keystone XL pipeline. It has been clear for some time that — despite the facts, economic benefits and environmental safeguards — the White House’s decision was a fait accompli.”

“U.S. Seen as Biggest Oil Producer After Overtaking Saudi”, Ιούλιος 2014

U.S. remained world’s largest producer of petroleum and natural gas hydrocarbons in 2014”, Απρίλιος 2015

“Hugo Chavez’s Favorite Daughter Is Richest Person in Venezuela”, August 2015

“Hillary Clinton Takes Jewish Vote in New York Primaries”, April 2016

“The Cost of Shale Oil Versus Conventional Oil”

“Migrant crisis: Why the Gulf states are not letting Syrians in”, September 2015

“Muslims for Bernie Sanders”, April 2016

1st Paragraph

Bernie Sanders is the closest candidate to the aspirations of millions of decent Americans dreaming of a better future.

4th, 5th , 6th Paragraphs

On the Republican front, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are clean-shaven prehistoric cave-dwellers in business suits, while Hillary Clinton on the Democratic front is the dictionary definition of a chameleon – like a corrupt politician changing colour depending on which way the political wind blows but consistently representing mega-donors, big banks, and Super PACs without any moral scruples, while feigning that she cares about the poor and the disenfranchised.

In this presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders is the closest candidate to the aspirations of millions of decent Americans dreaming of a better future for their children while refusing to lend their name to an imperial republic that systematically arms the rich tyrants around the world, supports Israel stealing Palestine and murdering Palestinians one settlement at a time, and helps to create monstrosities such as ISIL.

Come April 19 New York primary, like millions of other New Yorkers, I intend to exercise my very fragile rights as a US citizen and go and vote for Bernie Sanders, doing my share and hoping he will beat Clinton and win the Democratic nomination.

8th, 9th, 10th, 11th , 12th Paragraphs

I intend to vote for Bernie Sanders conscious of a crucial development in the US Muslim community. This year is the first time that I will vote in a presidential election conscious of being a Muslim, and that consciousness is a significant event in the make-up of the US Muslim community at a time of intense Islamophobia.

I will not be the first nor the only Muslim voting for Sanders in the US. The fact that US Muslims are significantly siding with Senator Sanders has already made majorheadlines in the US.

There is, in fact, an entire Facebook page dedicated to “Muslims for Bernie Sanders 2016”. Leading Muslim scholars and intellectuals like Zareena Grewal and Donna Auston have also written eloquently as to “Why Muslim Americans should vote for Bernie Sanders”. 

Reports indicate that “in less than three weeks, Bernie Sanders, being a friend of the Arab and Muslim American communities, has become legendary, and the support from this community of Sanders voters has been growing online since his March 8 victory in Michigan.”

The significance of US Muslims rallying behind Sanders as “the only Jewish candidate” should neither be exaggerated nor misinterpreted. This is a crucial development, but we need to know why.

“Why I will vote for Bernie Sanders”, February 2016

“Why women should support Sanders not Clinton”, February 2016

1st Paragraph

The idea that having a woman in office will automatically make the lives of most US women better is wrong-headed.

“Only Bernie Sanders can stop Donald Trump”, March 2016

“Noam Chomsky: Bernie Sanders has the best policies”, January 2016

“Saudi Prince Gives Millions to Harvard and Georgetown”, December 2005

1st, 2nd Paragraphs

Harvard University and Georgetown University each announced yesterday that they had received $20 million donations from Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, a Saudi businessman and member of the Saudi royal family, to to finance Islamic studies.

Harvard said it would create a universitywide program on Islamic studies, recruit new faculty members in the field, provide more support for graduate students and convert rare Islamic textual sources into digital formats to make them widely available.

4th, 5th Paragraphs

Georgetown said it would use the gift — the second-largest it has ever received — to expand its Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, which is part of its Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. It said it would rename the center the H.R.H. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding.

The prince, who is said to be in his late 40’s or early 50’s, and was fifth on the Forbes 400 list of wealthy people this year, with a fortune of $23.7 billion, has made a variety of other sizable gifts, including $20 million to the Louvre and to other universities.

“Why Arabian Gulf Countries Donate to US Universities”, June 2008

British universities receive Saudi funds”, September 2012

“Bolivian president Evo Morales sees a lot to like in Bernie Sanders’ candidacy”, Απρίλιος 2016

1st Paragraph

The Bolivian president, Evo Morales, has said that an unexpected meeting at the Vatican with US presidential contender Bernie Sanders had demonstrated a “thirst for a different kind of democracy” in the US.

4th Paragraph

The firebrand leftist, known as an outspoken critic of US influence of Latin America, added that Sanders’ critique of wealthy donors’ outsized influence in the US squared with his own skeptical view of its democracy.

6th Paragraph

Morales, a one-time coca grower, was recently rebuffed by Bolivian voters when they defeated a referendum that would have changed the country’s constitution to allow him to run for a fourth term.

“Profile: Bolivia’s President Evo Morales”, February 2016

1st, 2nd Paragraphs

First elected in December 2005, Evo Morales, from the Aymara indigenous group, is first president to come from the country’s indigenous majority.

As a leader of a coca-growers union, he was also the first president to emerge from the social movements whose protests forced Bolivia’s two previous presidents from office.

4th, 5th, 6th Paragraphs

An avowed socialist, his political ideology combines standard left-wing ideas with an emphasis on traditional indigenous Andean values and concepts of social organisation.

But his first move, a few months after taking office, was to begin the process of putting Bolivia’s rich gas fields under state control.

By the middle of 2006, he had renationalised Bolivia’s oil and gas industries.

“Bernie Sanders Tells Latinos He Backs Immigration Reform at NALEO”, June 2015

1st Paragraph

The second Democratic candidate to go before a gathering of Latino officials this week, presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders dedicated much of his speech to immigration reform saying it’s time for the country to stop playing the native born against immigrants.

5th Paragraph

He also said he opposes tying immigration reform to the building of a border fence and called for a path to citizenship for those here illegally.

“Citing Climate Change, Obama Rejects Construction of Keystone XL Oil Pipeline”, November 2015

1st, 2nd Paragraphs

President Obama announced on Friday that he had rejected the request from a Canadian company to build the Keystone XL oilpipeline, ending a seven-year review that had become a symbol of the debate over his climate policies.

Mr. Obama’s denial of the proposed 1,179-mile pipeline, which would have carried 800,000 barrels a day of carbon-heavy petroleum from the Canadian oil sands to the Gulf Coast, comes as he seeks to build an ambitious legacy on climate change.

“Obama says Keystone XL is for exporting oil outside the U.S., experts disagree”, November 2014

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Paragraphs

President Barack Obama and many other Democrats think there’s little to be gained by building the Keystone XL pipeline.

On Nov. 18, Senate Democrats voted down a proposal to build the oil pipeline — which would stretch from Canada to Steele City, Neb., where it would connect with an existing pipeline that goes to Texas’ coast.. But the issue isn’t going anywhere. When the new Republican-led Senate takes over in January, it will likely be at the top of their priorities list.

Obama and other Keystone critics have argued that the pipeline would have a negative environmental impact, while having little benefit for the United States. For example, constructing the pipeline would result in few permanent American jobs.

“Understand what this project is,” Obama said at a Nov. 14 press conference in Burma. “It is providing the ability of Canada to pump their oil, send it through our land, down to the Gulf, where it will be sold everywhere else. That doesn’t have an impact on U.S. gas prices.”

“Pipeline problems hinder Canada’s oil exports”, October 2015

1st, 2nd Paragraphs

Companies producing crude in the oil sands of western Canada are being constrained from growing any further by a shortage of pipeline capacity to ship oil out of the region.

Uncertainty over routes to market for any increased production has become an additional deterrent to investment in the oil sands, compounding the effect of the slump in oil prices, according to environmental campaigners, who want to stop the region’s production growing.

4th Paragraph

As President Barack Obama’s administration continues to procrastinate over a decision on whether to approve the controversial Keystone XL project to take diluted heavy oil from Alberta to the US, other planned export routes out of the province are also facing delays and political obstruction in Canada.

6th Paragraph

The strain on pipeline capacity is analysed in a report published on Tuesday by a campaign group called Oil Change International, with backing from leading North American environmental groups including the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and

“The Islamist-Environmentalist Alliance”, November 2011

1st Paragraph

Saudi Arabia has no better friend than the Sierra Club, and the Emirates have no better salesmen than the environmentalists who keep the country hooked on conflict oil. The administration’s sabotage of the Keystone XL project through delays aimed at killing the pipeline is a cynical act of cowardice, and it’s a shot in the arm to the very regimes that it claims to oppose.

5th 6th Paragraph

Instead billions have been poured into the People’s Republic of China, which lends us the money to pay for the solar and wind power components that we buy from them, and after the handful of watts from green power have been exhausted to spread joy and peace across parts of Vermont and Oregon, the country goes back with hat in hand to the grinning petroleum plutocracies.

No activist group in America has promoted the growth of tyranny around the world the way that the environmentalist movement has. Every time drilling equipment stands idle because it might endanger the home of the spotted purple mock warbler or the congealed nanny state lizard, the cash registers and card readers in the malls of Dubai ring in another payday.

10th Paragraph

The tyrants would still be around, but with one hand out for money they wouldn’t be all that much of a threat. It’s no coincidence that the craziest and most vicious tyrants in the Middle East are found squatting on the dirty thrones of oil regimes. Compare Saddam, the Ayatollahs, Gaddafi and the House of Saud to Mubarak or the Jordanian monarchy. Even Assad’s violent tantrums are brought to you by the oil wells of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

12th Paragraph

Every time environmentalists kill a project in America, they revive it overseas with less oversight, more pollution and without the human rights. The death of Keystone XL means more pollution in China and war in the Middle East. Crusading environmentalists helped kill America’s industries and kept the regime in Beijing alive. The tanks that rolled over the democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square were as green as their environmentalist backers. Both of them painted in the resplendent color of American money.

“The Clinton-Sanders New York Primary Debate: Energy In Focus”, April 2016



10 thoughts on “The Financing of Hollywood’s Socialist Propaganda”

  1. Interesting considerations. However, I am not convinced about the existence of a socialist propaganda spread by Hollywood, and I am even less convinced that such a propaganda, even if it really existed, could influence the American public opinion significantly…..Hollywood has always been a vector spreading American culture and mentality all over the world, and socialism is basically absent in both of them. I do not really think that either Di Caprio or Martin Scorsese want to demolish free market and free society, if anything, Michael Moore wants to! And there is no hope that socialist propaganda can enter the brains of the majority of Americans…Lots of Americans consider Obama to be a socialist, just because of his health insurance reform!


    1. I am not saying that Di Caprio wants to demolish free society. He gets his millions and he does the nice guy who cares for the environment and the immigrants? Isn’t that very touchy? What else can you ask for? He doesn’t need to know too much. Or maybe he does.

      Obviously Michael Moore is something different. He is a very dirty man.

      Americans might consider Obama to be a socialist, but Sanders does great in the primaries. That’s what I see.

      You know, if you start promising everything to everybody you get votes. That’s what socialism is about. It is a tested and successful way for rising to power.

      And Hollywood is so left-leaning….


  2. Interesting that the leader in crude transportation by rail is Burlington Northern Santa Fe, a subsidiary of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. Berkshire also benefits from the Keystone XL standoff through another subsidiary, Union Tank Car, which makes the special freight cars for the haulage of crude oil. Hmmm, and he’s such a good, green democrat, too.


    1. I am sure that many American business are hurt by the Keystone pipeline. But internal business conflicts are ok. I do not even know whether Keystone should go ahead or not.

      The problem is when foreign countries ask American politicians to hurt their country.


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