How the British Contributed to the Holocaust


The White Paper of 1939 was the British decision to forbid European Jews from immigrating to Palestine, in order to save themselves from the European socialists, because the Brits did not want to disappoint the Arabs. Even though the British had promised to help the Jews create a state of their own in Palestine (Israel+Jordan) in 1917 (Balfour Declaration).


Initially, Hitler did not want to kill the Jews of Europe. He was simply confiscating their wealth and he was throwing them out of the countries he conquered. The Arabs asked him for the Final Solution, because the Jews had nowhere else to go, and they would end up in Palestine.

Therefore the Holocaust can be seen as a byproduct of the English-German rivalry about who was going to win the Arabs as allies. Remember there was a war for the oil of the Middle East going on between the allies and the nazis. That’s probably why the British never bombed the concentration camps, even though they knew what was going on there. They knew they would disappoint the Arabs.

“White Paper 1939”

Today things are almost the same. England is buying a lot of gas from Qatar, and Qatar is heavily investing in England. Jeremy Corbyn represents the new anti-Semitism. The truth is that Jeremy Corbyn is a lot more “enthusiastic” about the Jews than the British were during WW2. During WW2 the British contributed indirectly to the Holocaust by following the realpolitik, and not by anti-Semitism.


See also “Hitler, Netanyahu and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem”.

One thought on “How the British Contributed to the Holocaust”

  1. Iokovos

    I see that you have deleted my comment from a couple of days ago. Why was that? Because I do not believe in the purported holocaust? As I said then, there is much evidence to suggest that it is a hoax, a con. Perhaps the biggest indicator that it is indeed a hoax, apart from the reasons I noted in that comment is its criminalization in Europe. Truth does not need laws to protect it…it is as simple as that.

    So given that the so-called holocaust is most likely a hoax, what does that do to your premise that Britain was somehow responsible for it in any way?

    I remembered reading somewhere that it was zionist influence that caused various countries to shut their doors to jews during that period, the strategy being to force them to go to Palestine. Here’s an article that states that… Of course during much of that period the Transfer Agreement with the German government was in place that assisted many German jews to migrate to Palestine. Many of my friends and family were quite surprised when I told them how the jews declared war on Germany the month after Hitler came to power, something they never knew. Then when told that the Nazis and the Zionists worked together till even after the war started on getting jews to Palestine…that changes their views completely, at least the ones open to the truth.


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