Anti-Semitism in England


I have said many times about the billions the Qataris are investing in England, in return for the billions the British are spending on Qatari gas. But the Qataris are also competing for influence in the UK with the Russians, because the Russians are also heavily investing in England, in order to promote their oil and gas.


England and France have been the traditional Arab allies, and Germany has been the traditional Israeli ally, but in England, contrary to what was happening in France, anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories were not at the epicenter of political life.

However the new President of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, is a enthusiastic supporter of Hamas, the Islamist organization that runs Gaza, and which openly asks for the annihilation of Israel, and which is supported by Qatar and Turkey, but also by Iran. After Jeremy Corbyn became President, it is not uncommon to hear conspiracy theories about the Jews in the Labour Party. And that’s before the Iranian petrodollars start flowing in Europe.

The good news is that Israel is presently in good terms with Russia. The traditional powerhouse of anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories have been Russia, the Arab countries and Iran. Israel’s good relations with Russia take Russia out of the equation, and leave only the Arabs and the Iranians funding conspiracy theories and anti-Semitism in Europe.


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