(Obama VS Cameron) and (Obama VS Sarkozy)

Obama attacked the British Prime Minister David Cameron, and the ex-President of France Nicola Sarkozy, regarding their role during the Libyan intervention in 2011. During the Libyan intervention that toppled the Libyan dictator Muamar Qaddafi, France was the protagonist in the air, and the Arabs of the Gulf were the protagonists on the ground. France was supported by England, and the U.S. agreed to support the operations, even though the Americans were hesitant about it.

Obama Sarkozy Cameron.JPG

Now things have turned sour in Libya, with Turkey, Qatar and Iran supporting the government of Tripoli, with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates supporting the government of Tobruk, and also ISIS operating in various part of the country.

Now NATO has to attack ISIS in Libya, and someone has to pay the bill. That’s why Obama is accusing Cameron and Sarkozy, by saying that the United States should not have trusted the French and the English when they were saying they would be seriously involved in the post Qaddafi Libya. I guess the French and the English want the Americans to incur a large part of the anti-ISIS cost in Libya.

“Obama points finger at Britain, France over Libya chaos”, March 2016


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