Turkey and Saudi Arabia Consider Invading Syria

Assad forces backed by the Russians have almost conquered Alepo, and the Kurds have crossed the Euphrates river and want to seal the Syrian-Turkish borders.

Map Alepo



The Turks say that the United States have to decide if they prefer the Turks or the Syrian Kurds. At the same time the Turks and the Arabs consider whether they should invade Syria, and the Russians are saying they suspect the Turks are preparing an invasion of Syria.

The Turkish President Tayip Erdogan threatens the Europeans that together with his allies i.e. the Greek  communists, he will send even more immigrants to Europe, and now he wants more than the 3 billion euros that he previously agreed with Merkel in order to control immigration flows.

The Europeans threaten the Greek communists, who are now in power and they are Erdogan’s only ally in Europe, that they will throw Greece out of the Schengen Zone if they keep collaborating with the Turkish Islamists, and tomorrow Merkel also flies to Turkey, in order to meet the Turkish President and ask him to control the immigration flows to Europe. But Erdogan has already said that Turkey will not let Syrians die.

By using the Greek communists to flood Europe with immigrants, Erdogan is putting pressure on the Europeans, and expect them to either put pressure on Russia, or to accept a military intervention in Syria. If the Europeans do not comply, the Turkish Islamists and the Greek communists will keep flooding Europe with immigrants.


Germany’s Defeat by the Turkish Islamists and the Turkish Islamists


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