Fatah VS Hamas (January 2016)

The Islamist Palestinians of Hamas, who run the Gaza Strip, will meet in Qatar the Socialists Palestinians of Fatah, who run the West Bank, in an for reconciliation between the two groups. Fatah is the socialist organization founded by Yasser Arafat. The last few years Hamas has been supported by Turkey, Qatar and Iran, while Fatah has been supported by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

However during the January 2016 confrontation between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Turkey finally decided to support Saudi Arabia. I guess that by doing so Turkey secured certain rewards from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is promoting a Sunni alliance against the Shiite (Shia) Iran. I guess the reconciliation efforts between Hamas and Fatah follow the reconciliation efforts between Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

gaza west map.JPG


“Hamas sets new terms for reconciliation with Fatah”, February 2016


“Turkey signals support for Saudi Arabia against Iran in recent rift”, January 2016


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