Germany VS Poland

The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline promoted by Germany and Russia means a great deal in lost revenue for Poland, in the form of lost transit fees, and as a result the German-Polish relations are collapsing, especially after the election in Poland of the nationalist socialist party of PiS. Poland was already hurt from the construction of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, and Nord Stream 2 will only make things worse.

Map 1

Germany Poland.JPG

Map 2

Map of Gazprom Pipelines.JPG


“German-Polish relations are in free fall”, January 2016

2 thoughts on “Germany VS Poland”

  1. I learn so many new things from your daily blogs. I view most all of the world’s political conflicts through a very different lense. Significantly complex regional relationships instantly make more sense. And your maps are excellent! What field is your degree in, if I may ask?


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