The Netherlands VS ISIS

I have said many times in the past that in the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline the Russians included the French (ENGIE), the German (E.ON. and BASF-Wintershall), the Austrians (OMV), and the English with the Dutch with the Anglo-Dutch giant Shell. See “Gazprom, BASF, E.ON, ENGIE, OMV and Shell sign Shareholders Agreement on Nord Stream 2 project”, September 2015

Map 1 Nord Stream 2: Russia, Germany, Netherlands, France, UK

Map Nord Stream 2.JPG

The French, the English and the German are already bombing ISIS in Syria, taking Russia’s side in the Turkish-Russian war. Today the Dutch Parliament also approved a more aggressive stance towards ISIS in Syria. See “Dutch Labour party backs air strikes in Syria, creating parliamentary majority”, January 2016

It seems that the only true allies of the Turkish Islamists in Europe are the Greek communists (SYRIZA) who came to power in January 2015. The Greek communists and the Turkish Islamists started flooding Europe and Germany with immigrants. See “Germany’s Defeat by the Greek Communists and the Turkish Islamists”.

That’s how Turkey is attacking the Russo-German energy cooperation that threatens Turkey’s role as an energy hub which will send natural gas from the Caspian Sea and the Middle East to Europe. There are many European officials who now openly say that the European borders should be moved from the Greek-Turkish borders to the FYROM-Greek borders. FYROM is the so-called Macedonia. What they are effectively saying is that due to the alliance between the Greek communists and the Turkish Islamists, Greece is more like a province of the Islamic Caliphate promoted by Turkey. “Greece faces being sealed off from Europe to stop migrant flow in move that creates ‘cemetery of souls”, January 2016

One could argue that Renzi is also an ally of the Turkish Islamists, since he blocked the deal between the EU and Turkey, according to which Turkey would receive 3 billion Euros to control the immigrant flows to Europe. See “Italy holds up 3-billion-euro fund for Syrians in Turkey”, January 2016

Renzi made life easier for the Greek communists, because the Greek communists could not object to the 3 billion euros going to Turkey. If they were to do that the Greek communists would hurt their alliance with the Turkish Islamists, and it would be like admitting their alliance with Turkey against Germany. But what Renzi really wants is not to help the Turkish Islamists. The Italians want the Italian giant ENI to be included in Nord Stream 2. See “The Strategy of the Italian Prime Minister”.

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