The Biden-Davutoglu Statements about a Military Solution in Syria

The American vice-president Joe Biden and the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced that the United States and Turkey are considering a military solution in Syria, if a political solution cannot be reached. I believe that the statements are not less important than they seem to be, and they mainly refer to the Turkish-American conflict in Syria rather than the Turkish-Russian one.

In Syria the United States support the Kurds of Syria and the Turks support the Sunni Islamists of Syria. The two groups fight each other and therefore the Americans and the Turks are supporting opposite sides. The Turks are upset, and they are right to be upset, because the Americans recognize the Kurds of Turkey (PKK) as a terrorist organization, since in Eastern Turkey the American-Turkish interests overlap (Southern Energy Corridor), but the Americans do not recognize as a terrorist organization the Syrian Kurds of the YPG, even though they know they are the cooperating with the PKK. But in Syria the Turkish-American interests do not overlap as it is the case in Eastern Turkey.

Map 1 Kurdistan

Nabucco Azerbaijan Iraqi Kurdistan.jpg

The Biden-Davutoglu statements mainly refer to how the Sunni Islamists of Syria and the Kurds of Syria are going to share the Sunni part of Syria, and not about the Syrian Alawites who are supported by the Russians. The Americans and the Turks would not dare to attack Russia at the Syrian coasts, especially after the Russians gave shares in Nord Stream 2 to the English, the French, the Germans, the Dutch and the Austrians.

At the following Wikipedia map you can see with pink the Kurdish part of Syria, with green her Alawite part, and with somon the main part of the country i.e. the Sunni part. With white you can see the Syrian Desert.

Map 2 Syria


You can see that the worst scenario for the Turks would be for the Kurds to take Northern Syria, thus cutting off Turkey from the Sunni part of Syria. But that would be great for the Americans, because it would lead their Kurd allies almost to the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore the Turks and the Americans are probably doing their negotiations about how much the Americans are going to support the Kurdish YPG and how much the Turks are going to support ISIS.

“Davutoğlu reiterates opposition to Syrian Kurdish group after talks with Biden”, January 2016

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