Israel + Kurdistan (January 2016)

The Israeli Minister of Justice said that she supports the idea of an independent Kurdistan. This is nothing new for Israel. Even Netanyahu has openly supported an independent Kurdistan in the past. The Israelis cannot support an independent Kurdistan in Turkey, because that would be against the interest of the United States and the West (Southern Energy Corridor), but they can do it for the Iraqi and Syrian Kurdistan, which is in tandem with the American and Western interests.

Most Western countries would like to see an independent Kurdistan, but they do not dare to openly say so, because they are afraid they might hurt their relations with the countries that contain the Kurdish land i.e. Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran.

Nabucco Azerbaijan Iraqi Kurdistan.jpg

The Israelis have nothing to lose by supporting an independent Kurdistan, because they do not have any diplomatic relations with Iran, Syria and Iraq, and the Turkish-Israeli relations are very bad.

The Israelis also buy the oil exported through Turkey (Ceyhan) by the Iraqi Kurds, because they do not mind the anger of the Shiite government of Iraq. The Iraqi government wants the Iraqi Kurds to pay her commissions for their oil exports. By buying the Kurdish oil the Israelis support the Kurds, and I guess at the same time they get good prices.

“Justice minister calls for an independent Kurdistan”, January 2016

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