The Strategy of the Italian Prime Minister

I have said many times that Matteo Renzi, the Italian Prime Minister, was the first one to use immigrants against Germany. However the 200 thousand refugees that Matteo Renzi sent to Germany when he became Prime Minister in February 2014 proved to be peanuts compared to the 1 million immigrants  that the Greek communists and the Turkish Islamists sent to Germany in 2015, after Alexis Tsipras was elected as Prime Minister of Greece in January 2015. See “Germany’s Defeat by the Turkish Islamists and the Greek Communists”.

At the following table from the United Nations you can see the immigrant flows to Europe in 2015. Actually the numbers do not include the November and December arrivals. The number was well above 1 million at year end.

Map 1 Immigrant Influx

Αριθμός Μεταναστών

Now Matteo Renzi is the only one to block the agreement between Merkel and Erdogan, according to which Turkey will receive 3 billion euros from EU funds, plus some other “gifts”, in order to control the immigrant flows to Europe. See the Guardian article below. The Greek Prime Minister does not object to Turkey getting the money, first because he does not want to “hurt” the alliance between the Greek Communists and the Turkish Islamists, and second because it would be like admitting that the Greek communists are using the immigrants against Germany. The truth is that everybody knows they are doing it, and the European People’s Party has already blamed the Italian and Greek socialists for the immigrant crisis. See the article from Politico below.

However the objections of Matteo Renzi is a great gift for the Greek communists because they do not have to hurt their alliance with the Turks by blocking the 3 billion euros, and the Turks will keep sending immigrants to Greece and Germany. That’s why Renzi is so popular with the Greek journalists who mainly come from the left.

The Italians are very disappointed that the South Stream Pipeline was cancelled, because ENI was a partner, and they are also very disappointed with the agreement of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline, in which ENI was not given any shares. The Russians hold 50% of the shares in Nord Stream 2, and they gave approximately10% each to the German companies E.ON. and BASF-Wintershall, the Austrian OMV, the French ENGIE, and the Anglo-Dutch Royal Dutch Shell. ENI did not get any shares, and the Italian public is ENI’s largest shareholder.

Map 1 South Stream and North Stream

Nord Stream South Stream

The Italians are blocking Nord Stream 2 in order to put pressure on the Russians (see Financial Times), and they block the EU economic sanctions against Russia (see Reuters) in order to lure the Russians to give them a share in Nord Stream 2 (see American Interest). At the same time, they send refugees to Germany, in order to convince the Germans to give them more money and stop asking for reform and transparency in their public sector.


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