The Map of Natural Gas

The following map from the Russian news agency Sputnik shows the larger natural gas importers. With blue you can see imports through pipeline networks, and with green imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) through special ships. The larger exporter of gas through pipelines is Russia and the largest exporter of LNG is Qatar. The map refers to 2010. With the circles you see the natural gas exporters i.e. Russia, Canada, Qatar, Norway etc

Map 1 (Sputnik News)

Top Natural Gas Importers Sputnik.JPG

Note that the list of the top producers is different from the list of top exporters, because some countries produce a lot and consume a lot i.e. USA, and some others produce a lot but do not consume that much i.e. Russia. Obviously this is something that has to do with the size of the economy.

At the following map from the Financial Times you can see the largest importers of natural gas in 2011, after the nuclear accident of Fukushima (Japan). Now Japan is the top importer of expensive LNG. The table also shows the top exporters. You can see that the United States is included in the list of exporters, because the US exports gas to Mexico and Canada, when this is more convenient geographically, but the US imports far more from these two countries in oil and gas.

Map 2 (Financial Times)

Top Natural Gas Exporters and Importers FT

At the following map from Indexmundi you can see the top importers of gas in 2013 (1st January 2014). You can see Russia and the Netherlands in the list, because even though they are among the top exporters they also import gas i.e. Russia from Turkmenistan and the Netherlands from UK and Norway

Image 3 Indexmundi

Top Natural Gas Importers Indexmundi.JPG

At the following table from the Energy Information Administration you can see the top importers of oil in 2014.

Image 4

Top Oil Importers EIA.JPG

At the following map from the American think tank Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI) you can see the top oil exporters in 2012.

Image 5

Top Oil Exporters 2012.JPG

See also “The Map of War”

For the Sputnik article see

“The global natural gas market”, Arpil 2010

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