The Allies of Iran and Saudi Arabia

A very nice article from the Lebanese site Ya Libnan. The article offers a summary of the countries that have supported Saudi Arabia and Iranian after the recent crisis, due to the execution of the Shiite cleric by Saudi Arabia.

Map of the Middle East

Saudi Arabia : Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Israel, Palestinian Authority (PA). In Yemen there is a civil war and the government of Yemen, which is backed by Saudi Arabia, supports Saudi Arabia, while the Houthi rebels, who are backed by Iran, support Iran.

Note : The Palestinian Authority, Fatah actually, is the socialist organization that was established by Yasser Arafat and runs the West Bank, and has many problems with the Islamist Palestinians of Hams who run Gaza.

Iran : Syria, the Shiite Government of Iraq, and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The European Union accused Saudi Arabia for the executions.

The United States and Germany called both parties to show self-restraint. However, according to Bloomberg, the American stance tilted a bit towards Iran.

Russia was neutral and offered to mediate between the two countries. Russia’s response shows the effect that the agreement for the Iranian nuclear program had on the Russian-Iranian relations. Before the agreement, Russia would have clearly supported Iran.

The article gives Turkey as neutral, but I guess it has missed the recent developments. Erdogan said on Wednesday that the executions are an internal affair of Saudi Arabia, and that Iran should have prevented the destruction of the Saudi embassy in Tehran. In other words Turkey clearly supported Saudi Arabia in the end.

The article gives Oman as neutral, and it sounds reasonable since Iran and Oman are promoting the underwater Iran-Oman-India pipeline.

For the article see:

“Saudi -Iranian dispute: A look at where countries stand”, January 2016

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