China VS Australia

China is by far Australia’s largest trading partner. On the other hand the United States is China’s largest trading partner, with Australia quite behind on China’s list. Even though China is Australia’s number one trading partner, Australia is a free country, and an American ally, and therefore she supports the US on the issue of the South China Sea. China is trying to convert the South China Sea to a Chinese Sea. Actually that wouldn’t be good for Australia either.

China on the other hand threatens to down Australian aircrafts over South China Sea.

Map of USA and Japan.JPG

“China threatens to shoot down Australian surveillance aircraft over South China Sea”, December 2014

2 thoughts on “China VS Australia”

  1. You said: “Australia is a free country, and an American ally”

    As an Australian who actually follows geopolitics and world multi-national finance concentration (I’m probably in a severe minority outnumbered by the sports and beer comatose demos), I can say with all certainty, that the word ‘free’ is subjective, and malleable.

    What if I said: “Australia is an overseas territory of Anglo-America, and thus an ‘ally'”, ally meaning a foreign policy arm of the Pentagon and the square-mile in London, as Ed Snowdon revealed in his FVEY revelations; five-eyes national security conglomerate of US, UK, Canada, Aus, NZ (GCHQ-NSA-ASIO complex).

    It doesn’t stop there of course, because Australia’s ‘BIG FOUR’ banking institutions (ANZ, CBA, NAB and Westpac) control more than 82 per cent of all loans in Australia, and 80% of deposits. In life insurance, the four banks own 53 per cent of total premiums.

    The kicker!: These big four banks are in kind majority controlled by ONLY three TBTF Anglo-American financial corporations (HSBC, JPM, Citicorp; and also National Nominees Ltd which is owned by NAB which is controlled in turn by the former mentioned three US corps). Controlling ownership percentages of the Big Four Aussie banks as follows:
    Westpac: 35% owned by (HSBC, JPM, Citicorp); 45% if NatNomLtd is included.
    NAB: 33% owned by (HSBC, JPM, Citicorp); 43% if NatNomLtd is included.
    ANZ: 37% owned by (HSBC, JPM, Citicorp); 49% if NatNomLtd is included.
    CBA: 31% owned by (HSBC, JPM, Citicorp); 40% if NatNomLtd is included.

    … these same three major TBTF banks show up also in the majority share ownership of top ranking Aussie corporations on the ASX (Aust Stock Exchange), giving them control also over most major mining and energy firms in Australia (our only real generator of foreign exchange, and our only real exports to China and Japan). Australia never graduated from being a raw commodities farm of the British Empire, we just ‘diversified’ into shipping black/red fuel/dirt to industrialized satellites of Anglo-America (ie, Japan and South Korea) instead of wool. Australia is listed as a ‘developed’ country only because we appear developed, but not because we ever had a domestic economic and industrial dynamo like the United States or Western European countries ever had (we NEVER attained that distinction).

    Source report from the Australia Institute;
    QUOTE: “The Australian banking industry is the most concentrated in the world and also the most profitable. In fact the ‘big four’ Australian banks make up four of the eight most profitable banks in the world. The big banks have conceded that they are not highly competitive but have argued that their market power provides benefits in the form of ‘financial stability’.”
    TRANSLATION: Aussie banks are sucking the life blood out of Australians and vectoring this profit overseas to TBTF multinational Banking Corps controlled by the Anglo-American Empire. ‘Financial Stability’ is an Orwellian way of saying that they have strapped themselves with dynamite and are threatening to blow themselves and the country up if regulators, investigators, and public scrutiny ever step in (ala, Lehman>AIG>Goldman Sachs de facto bailout/bank robbery).

    The word ‘free’ is abused in a globalized world where National Sovereignty is becoming more and more meaningless. What exactly is a Nation? Since the TPP was signed, does it matter anymore when corporations will arbitrate against our Federal Govt in a foreign tribunal outside of our Federal/State court systems? What is sovereignty? Is Greece free when a Troika dictates from Brussels/Frankfurt?

    Australia is in a very precarious situation with the Chimerica system breaking down. Now that China has stopped purchasing US Treasury Bonds, and is unwinding its positions, where does this leave Australia as an economic middleman in a trade triangle that is breaking down along with the exposure of an inevitable foreign relations disaster that was building behind a pile of worthless US Treasury Bonds at the Chinese Treasury?

    Threats to shoot down our ‘freedom of the seas’ patrols in the South China Sea are the least of our problems, but the average Aussie has no clue about this situation, because we also have the most concentrated corporate media in the world, with a severely left-wing biased State broadcasting complex ABC-SBS, neither of which serve the purpose of deep analysis and communication of geopolitical and financial instability. We have absolutely no alternative media like the US with its heritage of cowboy radio broadcasters and patriots. Every time I turn on the TV in Australia it’s like Will Chamberlain is assuring me of a national utopia that has already been attained … and of course … sport … sport … sport … it is a religion in Australia, together with what I call “low IQ pride”; a bit like gay-pride, but without the street parade.


    1. Oh darling your an idiot, banks themselves are owned by both private businesses from all around the world, America happens to have the most rich people in the world and thus will have more people who own the bank, Banks are both private and public, all I have to do is have allot of money in the bank and I own a section of it, if I have the most money in the bank then I pretty much own the bank. The richest people are obviously going to own more of the banks then the poor, ALSO because of this no bank ever gets together and says hey lets fund one country and not the other! NO in fact money only goes to who takes it out. They do not take from Australia and give to the US. With your logic some could argue that Australia then must be leeching off the life line of the US … Got it? I will say banks have to much power but truth banks themselves do not get together to control the world…the people who take the money out..well that’s a different story AKA Hitler.


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