ISIS : The Oil and Natural Gas Cartel

As soon as the Turks and the Israelis started talking about a possible détente, in order for the Turks to buy the Israeli natural gas, since the Israelis need someone to buy their natural gas long term after the Zohr field was discovered in Egypt, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia said that ISIS is part of Israel’s army. The Grand Mufti also asked all Muslims to united against ISIS, because according to him ISIS is a part of the Israeli army.

That means that if the Turks and the Israelis reach a detente, the Saudis will start saying that the Jews are behind ISIS. Now that Israel is working with the Saudis against the Turks and the Iranians, the Turks and the Iranians are saying that the Saudi King is a Jewish puppet. That’s important in order to realize how important the war against Israel is for the Islamist propaganda. It is very important for the Turkish Islamsits too, because it is a great help in their effort to become the leaders of the Sunni world.

I must say once more that the Turkish Islamists do not imagine a Caliphate under total Turkish control. They imagine it in the form of NATO i.e. the Sunni Islamists of Egypt will run Egypt, the Sunni Islamists of Syria will run Syria and so one, but all of them will accept Turkey, which is the greatest military power of the Muslim world, as their leader.

That’s what we mean when we say that Erdogan wants to become the Sultan or the Caliph of the Caliphate. Apparetnly the Saudis do not accept the Turks as the leader of the Sunni Islamist world because they believe they are the leaders. And Saudi Arabia might not be the strongest Muslim country since the Americans were not selling the Saudis the kind of weapons they were selling to the Turks, because they could use them against Israel, but Saudi Arabia is the richest Sunni country.

The Islamic Caliphate, as envisaged by ISIS and the Islamists of Turkey, will be an oil and natural gas cartel, which will negotiate better prices with the Americans, the Europeans, and the Chinese, and will fight the Russians and the Iranians if it has to. That’s more or less the dream of ISIS, i.e. an oil and natural gas cartel with a very strong army. The good news is that this is something very difficult to accomplish. Gamal Nasser tried to achieve the socialist version of this dream, in the 60s, and he failed. And he only tried it for the Arab countries.

On the other hand, if a Caliphate is created with Turkey on one hand, and the Sunni parts of Syria and Iraq on the other, it wouldn’t be too bad for Turkey. Turkey would be the leader, she would gain access to the Persian Gulf, 100 years after her defeat during World War 1, and she would block Iran’s exit to the Mediterranean Sea. Maybe that’s the second best for the Turkish Islamists. That’s even better given that Qatar accepts Erdogan as the Sultan of the Caliphate.

The following map shows with green what was left of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) before it was chopped by the British and the Arabs during World War 1.

Map 1


For the article see:

“Saudi Grand Mufti calls ISIS “part of the Israeli army”, December 2015

4 thoughts on “ISIS : The Oil and Natural Gas Cartel”

  1. You said: “That’s what we mean when we say that Erdogan wants to become the Sultan or the Caliph of the Caliphate. Apparetnly the Saudis do not accept the Turks as the leader of the Sunni Islamist world because they believe they are the leader.”

    Erdogan definitely envisions himself as a Sultan, but the Saudis sit on Mecca. I think here you rightly highlight the weakness in the potential Sunni dominated Caliphate. It’s more ethnic than religiously sectarian. This is where the greater NATO-GCC plan begins to break down under the strain. I wrote a little about the Russia-Shia vs NATO-GCC-Turkey-Sunni face off here:

    34 Sunni countries announced a ‘Coalition against extremism’ the other day, HQ’d in Riyadh and including Turkey (Syria, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan excluded), and told a CNN reporter that the option of an alliance invasion of lands controlled by ISIS (Assad [Russian protectorate], Iraq, [Iranian pseudo-protectorate] is ‘not off the table’. Sounds like a pro-NATO Sunni Caliphate to me. US apparent backpeddling from Turkey lately is just for show, they are still quite in bed with each other. The APPEARANCE of a US reversal against Assad is just a rouse in my book, which is why the WH is giving a well delivered Foreign Policy Ambivalence stance that suits the ‘indecisive’ Obama characterization of his second term (a convenient characterization). This is a strategic political show-withdrawal to give the appearance that any war spark between Turkey and Russia will be ex-US, saving the ‘moral high ground’ of Washington, allowing Washington to be a ‘protector’ of Turkey, rather than an active aggressor against Russia. The recent Arab League rebuff of Turkey’s actions in Iraq is also just a PR stunt that has no bite what-so-ever, and Turkey knows this.

    Regarding the Israeli connection, Genel Energy is a very interesting 50/50 Anglo-Turkish company. I use the term ‘Anglo’ loosely, because it is actually a Rothschild (Nathan Rothschild) concern with a registered office on the Isle of Jersey (tax haven together with Isle of Guernsey for all/majority of the British Rothschild financial empires corps), with an operational office in Ankara. Genel Energy is headed by Tony Hayward of BP Deep Horizons infamy. Their major prospectus is in their KRG-Turkey independent oil pipeline operating illegally (of Baghdad anyway) in northern Iraq Kurd territory (Taq Taq, and Tawke oil field exploitation), and shipping oil illegally (?) through Ceyhan into countries such as Israel who accepted their first shipments of very legally dubious oil when nobody else would touch it. … not just any old illegal oil, Genel Rothschild KRG oil, sold to Israel after ships transponder was shut off (the old transponder turn off trick) … sounds like ISIS oil smuggling but on a much bigger scale, and also shipped via Erdogan’s main Med port of Ceyhan.

    Ever since Baghdad lost control of north-western Iraq to the Turkish backed ISIS, the KRG has been boldly accepting a ‘new normal’ in its independence to the Baghdad Oil Bourse and Shia controlled Iraqi Govt who had mandated that ALL Iraqi oil be sold through their bourse. I wonder whether this oil is sold in USD or Euro (:P … does Erdogan want Saddam treatment?). But most interesting is the connection between illegal ISIS Oil shipments into Turkey that Erdogan’s family were controlling: Was this oil being used for Turkish domestic supply and/or mixed with Genel-Rothschild-Erdogan oil being shipped from Ceyhan to boost export revenue from shipments to countries such as Israel which has historically had issues with imports from Saudi and other Arab and Iranian oil? Most people suggest that Israeli-Turkish relations are the same as Rothschild-Erdogan relations, but I would suggest that there is a great oversimplification by some people of the Rothschild families true influence on all of Israeli policy.

    FRENEMIES:–KRG-says … even worst enemies can make friends over barrels of oil.

    What is the next step in Genel-Erdogan plan to make the KRG-Turkey project more successful? I would postulate that Mosul and its oilfields where the illegal ISIS oil is being pumped from, is the natural next step in an Iraqi balkanization strategy. Is not Erdogan refusing to remove Turkish troops from just north of Mosul in their ‘fight against ISIS’ (in reality a protection of ISIS)?

    An interesting article on the history of ethnic and sectarian oil politics in the Mosul area:

    Once Northern Iraq and its oil is separated from Baghdad, the next step of the plan in my opinion would be for ISIS to secure a corridor down the western Euphrates (they’re already in control of North-East Syria, but Russia is bombing them out), which will no doubt bring the Turkey-ISIS-Saudi interests in conflict with Karbala ( ), the most holy site other than Mecca to Shia Muslims, containing the sacred twin shrines. This is a Shia stronghold, and would provoke Iran, and makes sense of Turkey becoming friendlier ironically with the Kurds outside of its own borders in Iraq and Iran, because the KRG would be used as guerillas against Iran in a larger Sunni-Shia conflict. It’s not too hard to understand then why Israel would be interested in good relations (military, finance, and intelligence) with the KRG. Turkey is now complaining that Baghdad is arming and supplying PKK !!! This is a major indication of the severity of this situation. This is a total powder-keg about to blow. … you just can’t make this kind of stuff up. It would be absurd on any other planet except Planet Stupid.

    Thus, it is interesting that the Saudis would get testy and call ISIS an Israeli militia, when the real truth is that the GCC, Turkey, and Israel have all supported ISIS in order to remove Assad whom Saudi Arabia and Qatar NEED to dislodge in order to wire up North Dome/South Pars with the EU Energy Market. Trouble in paradise? 🙂

    Can you imagine a more unlikely threesome than the KRG, Israel, and Turkey?
    It’s like three gangsters playing cards. They can’t decide whether to play another round, or shoot each other in the face … add in the Saudis and there is probably too much machismo in the room to even breathe let alone play cards 🙂


    1. Here’s another story about Genel Energy and the KRG-Turkey connection that reveals how ISIS is helping Turkey secure not just Mosul and Taq Taq oil, but natural gas reserves also:
      “Two years ago, I said the KRG would be a major oil exporter. Now I talk about something different as 150 billion cubic meters of gas has been found and a total of 5 trillion cubic meters of gas will be explored in the region. This amount can satisfy Turkey’s gas requirement for 50 years.”

      Looks like an independent KRG would supply Turkey with enough natural gas for 50 years, meaning Russia could be sent packing. But would Turkey really want to send a message to Turkish Kurds that independence is palatable to Turkey only outside its own borders?


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