Russia’s Economic Addictions

The following pie charts show the largest importers of Russian oil, gas and coal. The charts are taken from the Energy Information Administration EIA, which is the source used by most news agencies. Russia is a country addicted to energy exports, and being a military superpower she can be very aggressive when these exports are threatened. By knowing Russia’s main export markets one can predict how Russia will move, and how aggressive her moves will be.

1 Oil

The largest importer of Russian oil is China, followed by Germany, the Netherlands, Belarus, Poland, Japan, and Italy at the seventh place.

Image 1

Share of Russia's Oil Exports by Destination.JPG

2 Natural Gas

The largest importer of Russian natural gas is Germany, with Turkey at the second place, followed by Italy, Belarus and Ukraine.

Image 2

Largest Importers of Russian Gas.JPG

3 Coal

The largest importer of Russian coal is China, followed by South Korea, England and Japan together at the third place, Germany fourth, and Ukraine fifth.

Image 3

Share of Russia's Coal Exports by Destination.JPG

At the next picture from EIA you can see Russia’s revenues from oil exports, and from domestic oil sales. You can see that 350 billion dollars are coming from oil exports, while only 120 billion are coming from domestic oil sales.

Image 4

Russian Oil Exports and Domestic Sales.JPG

At the next picture you can see total Russian exports. Almost all of Russia’s exports come from energy related products.

Image 5

Russian Exports.JPG

What is very impressive is that oil, which was the main cause of wars in the 20th century, still accounts for most of the revenues. However the energy wars of the 21st century in North Africa and the Middle East are more related to natural gas, and the construction of pipeline networks that will send natural gas to Europe and Asia.

From all the above it follows that Russia is financially addicted to Germany, then China, and also the Netherlands, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Italy. In turn these countries are addicted to Russia in terms of energy security.

Using data like the ones above, which means knowing the economic relationships between different countries, is very useful in order to understand the geopolitical landscape and not fall prey to the communist and nazi propaganda.


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