Russia + India

The rapprochement between United States and India, in an effort to face China in the South China Sea, generated the rapprochement between Russia and India’s great rival i.e. Pakistan. However it seems that the Russo-Indian relations are too strong to die. Russia and India have been allies since the Soviet years, when the Americans, the Chinese and the Arabs of the Persian Gulf supported Pakistan, and the Soviets supported India.

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During the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (1979-1989), which turned out to be for the Soviets what Vietnam was for the Americans, the Americans, the Chinese, the Arabs of the Persian Gulf and the Pakistanis supported the Afghan Islamists, while the Soviets and the Indians supported the Afghan Communists. Also note that at the time Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan were Russian colonies.

Today, due to the alliance between China and Russia, the Russians cannot support the Indians against the Chinese, but this is not the case for the Americans.

For the Financial Times article see:

“Russia and India sign new defence deals”, December 2015\

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