The Qatari & Iranian Natural Gas Productions

An interesting article from Natural Gas Europe. See “Iran, Qatar in competition over world’s biggest gas field”, December 2015.

Qatar Iran map.JPG

Even though Qatar and Iran produce annually almost the same amounts of natural gas, i.e. Qatar 177 and Iran 172 billion cubic meters, tiny Qatar exports annually 123.5 bcm, while Iran exports only 9.6 bcm. Iran, a much larger country than Qatar, consumes most of its production.

Qatar Iran.JPG

Almost all of Qatar’s natural gas reserves are located at the South Pars/North Field, the larger gas field in the world, which lies at the Persian Gulf between Iran and Qatar. South Pars/North Fields also holds approximately 2/3 of the Iranian reserves.

From the table you can also see that Qatar exports most of its gas (103.4 bcm) in liquid form (LNG), and only 20.1 bcm with pipelines. Iran does not export any LNG, and only exports a small amount of gas through pipeline networks, mainly to Turkey (9.6 bcm).

Qatar holds 24.5 and Iran 34 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves. Iran holds 18.2% of the global gas reserves, while Qatar holds 13.1%. I must also mention that both Qatar and Iran also export oil.

Qatar has a small population of less than 300 thousands people. There is also another 2 million foreigners working at Qatar. Iran on the other hand has a large population of 77 million people.

I hope that from all the above you can understand why Qatar has so much liquidity, and it is so efficient in buying jihadists at the battlefields, socialists at the European and American parliaments, and journalists in the European and American media. Many people don’t understand why a small country like Qatar is more efficient in buying political, media and business influence in the West, when compared to much stronger countries like Turkey and Iran for example. The answer is what I just said. Qatar has a much smaller army than Turkey and Iran, but it has a lot of cash it does not know what to do.

For the article see:

“Iran, Qatar in competition over world’s biggest gas field”, December 2015

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