Italy VS Germany

Interesting article for the confrontation between Italy and Germany. See Politico “Matteo Renzi’s pipeline politics”, December 2015.

Italy Germany.JPG

According to Politico the Italians are very angry with the German center-right government of Angela Merkel, because according to the Italians the Germans follow a two face policy. On one hand they support the sanctions against Russia over the issue of Ukraine, but on the other hand they promote the German-Russian pipeline Nord Stream 2 (Russia-Germany).

According to Politico the Italians are very disappointed for the cancellation of the South Stream Pipeline (Russia-Bulgaria), because the Italian ENI held a significant percentage in the project. The article says that Italy will react to the Nord Stream 2 agreement, and will keep following her own energy strategy, especially now that ENI discovered the biggest natural gas field of East Mediterranean Sea in Egypt i.e. the Zohr field.

According to Politico the balance of power favors Nord Stream 2, because German, English and French companies are involved, but the Italians will keep protesting hoping that they might at least receive some support for their fiscal problems. I must mention that even though Germany, England and France all see Nord Stream 2 positively, the European Commission is against it, because it violates the anti-monopolistic rules of the EU, and also because the EU wants to reduce the dependence of the EU on Russian gas.

For the article see

“Matteo Renzi’s pipeline politics”, December 2015

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