Germany’s Defeat by the Turkish Islamists and the Greek Communists

In the first eleven months of 2015 Germany received four times more immigrants than she did for the whole 2014. In the first 11 months of 2015 Germany received 965 thousands immigrants. See Guardian “Germany on course to accept one million refugees in 2015”, December 2015. That’s more impressive when one takes into account that in 2014 Germany was already attacked by the Italian Prime Minister Mateo Renzi, who came to power in February 2014, and opened the Italian borders, sending hundreds of thousands of immigrants to Germany.

However that was nothing when compared to what the Greek communists and the Turkish Islamists did to Germany in 2015. When the Greek communists came to power in January 2015 they made an alliance with the Turkish Islamists and they completely destroyed Germany. The Greek communists completely reversed the immigration policy of the previous center-right government, basically inviting immigrants from all over the world to enter Greece. See the following table from the United Nations, which shows the dramatic rise in immigration inflows that followed Renzi’s rise to power in 2014, and the explosion that followed the rise of the Greek communists in 2015.

The Italians and the Greek socialists do not want to introduce reforms and transparency in the Italian and Greek public sectors, something required by the Germans in order to give them more money, and they are sending hundreds of thousands of immigrants to Germany, asking for more concessions in return for controlling immigration. Turkey, a German enemy, through her alliance with the Greek communists of SYRIZA, has already managed to gain 3 billion euros in order to control immigration, and also to unfreeze the negotiations for Turkey’s entrance in the European Union.

Table 1 United Nations – Immigration 2008-2015



Table 2 United Nations – Greece and Italy in 2015

Capture 2.JPG

Also note that the Greek communists’ greatest hope was that the Spanish communists of Podemos would win the Spanish elections in 2015, in order to send to Germany another million of immigrants, or even more. That was the so-called “alliance of the European South”.

Note that Mateo Retzi is not a communist and he is more reluctant in bringing immigrants in Europe. He does it as I said but he is not a third world politician like communists are. Podemos (Spain) and SYRIZA (Greece) are real communists, who would not hesitate to flood Europe with immigrants in order to achieve their political goals. Actually the Greek communists have proved so in practise, while in government. The Spanish communists did not have the chance to prove it. At least not yet.


“Germany on course to accept one million refugees in 2015”, December 2015

United Nations Refugee/Migrant Emergency Response – Mediterranean

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