The Oil Fields of Kirkuk and Mosul

A very nice map from Business Insider showing with black the ISIS-controlled zones. The black corridor is ISIS oil map, and you see how it is stretching from Mosul and Kirkuk, the very rich in oil regions of Iraqi Kurdistan, and from Al Omar, the largest Syrian oilfield, to the Syrian-Turkish borders. With green you can see Iraqi Kurdistan.

Map ISIS Controlled Zones (black)

ISIS controlled zones.JPG

For the Iraqi oilfields see the map 2 from BBC.

Πετρέλαιο Ιράκ.JPG

In Iraq the Iraqi Kurds and ISIS have been fighting for the oilfields of Iraqi Kurdistan. See following CNN article “ISIS launches attack on oil-rich northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk”. That’s why Iraq is more important for the US.

The oil of Syria is nothing when compared to the oil of Iraq, and that’s why Donald Trump was saying “What do we do in Syria? Let Russia fight ISIS in Syria, and let’s fight ISIS in Iraq”. The United States would be very disappointed if the oilfields of the Iraqi Kurds, who are American allies, were to fall under the control of ISIS.


“Donald Trum “Let Russia Fight ISIS in Syria”

ISIS launches attack on oil-rich northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk

Russia is already exacting its revenge on Turkey for downing a Russian warplane

Iraq: Key Maps


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