NATO – What a Mess


If Russia decides to attack Turkey, after the Russian aircraft was downed by Turkey (24.11.2015), NATO will have to step in and protect Turkey, because Turkey is a NATO member. The problem is that France, together with Russia, is also bombing Turkey in Syria. Actually France is bombing ISIS in Syria, but everyone knows Turkey’s connection with ISIS.

But France is a NATO member. England, another NATO member, has offered France her airbases in Cyprus, so that France can bomb ISIS i.e. attack Turkey. The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, also said that England should bomb ISIS too i.e. attack Turkey along Russia and France.

Now, if Russia decides to attack Turkey directly, the United States i.e. the leader of the North-Atlantic Alliance, will have to ask its allies, i.e. England and France, to jointly protect Turkey from Russia. But England and France are bombing ISIS i.e. they are attacking Turkey. NATO, what a mess…

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