Charles de Gaulle and Dean Rusk

When the President of France, Charles De Gaul, decided to withdraw France from NATO in 1966, he asked Dean Rusk, who at the time was the American Minister of Foreign Affairs (Secretary of State), to remove all American soldiers from France in due course.

Dean Rusk ironically asked whether the United States had to also remove the dead American soldiers from the French cemeteries. He obviously wanted to remind President De Gaulle that it was the American soldiers who had liberated France from the NAZIS.

3 thoughts on “Charles de Gaulle and Dean Rusk”

  1. Of course Dean Rusk was just either ignorant or ungrateful…..the US had just repaid its debt to France for helping to liberate it from Britain in the War of independence. If not for the French then Americans would still be singing ‘God save the Queen’.
    Same goes for their relatively more recent campaign to rename French fries as ‘Freedom fries’ because the French decided not to engage in a war crime.


    1. Utter rubbish, how on earth can you compare the French helping to liberate America from the British during the war of independence,to what the Americans did to help the French during the second world war just beggars belief.


      1. Hi Les

        How about providing a reasoned argument about why exactly I am mistaken, instead of simple outrage?
        As I said, the US owes its victory in the Revolutionary War to French actions. Sure, the US would have eventually gained independence without any outside assistance, like Australia or New Zealand but it would not have been in 1776.

        My point about US ingratitude still stands, unless you can make a better case.

        As for why the French were occupied in the first place ask yourself who declared war on whom and who attacked whom first.


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