Gazprom’s Gas Pipelines to Europe

Nice map with the main Russian pipeline networks. These networks carry the Russian natural gas of Western Siberia to Europe. These are the main networks and there are of course many smaller branches that do not appear on the map. The first red line is the Nord Stream Pipeline (Russia-Baltic Sea-Germany). The second red line is the Yamal-Europe pipeline (Russia-Belarus-Poland-Germany).

Map of Gazprom's Natural Gas Pipelines


The blue lines are the Urengoy–Pomary–Uzhgorod pipeline or West Siberian Pipeline or Trans-Siberian Pipeline or Brotherhood Pipeline, depending on which part of the pipeline we are referring. The last red line is the South Stream Pipeline, which was cancelled on December 2014 (Russia-Black Sea-Bulgaria-Southern Europe+Central Europe). You can see from the map how the pipelines that cross the Baltic Sea (Nord Stream) and the Black Sea (South Stream and Turk Stream) hurt countries like Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia.

The map is from East European Gas Analysis, an American consulting company.

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