The Great Advantage of the Russo-German Pipelines and the Jihadists

The Russo-German pipelines i.e. Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2, have an advantage that no other European gas pipeline has. They are very safe. As you can see at the following map, from the 7 choices that Europe has at her disposal when it comes to natural gas pipelines, the Russo-German pipelines are by far the safest ones.

Map 1

Map of Nord Stream

Number 1 shows the Norwegian state owned Statoil, which is the second largest natural gas supplier of Europe, with the Russian state owned Gazprom being the largest supplier. Statoil and Norway is a very safe option, but Norway does not have adequate natural gas reserves and her production is falling. Number 2 represents the Russo-Germany pipelines (Nord Stream). Number 3 represents the route of the Russian gas through Ukraine, which is not a safe one, since Russia is fighting with the EU and the US about whether Ukraine will belong to the EU and NATO or not. There is a war in Ukraine. Number 4 is the route through Turkey, which is not safe either, because Russia is attacking it through the Turkish Kurdistan and Syria. Number 7 represents the East Med Pipeline, which is supposed to send Israeli, Cypriot and Egyptian gas to Europe through the East Mediterranean Sea. This route is not safe because it will be attacked by Turkey and Iran, if ever constructed.

Number 5 is the Libyan Green Stream gas pipeline, which is already operating. This is not safe because there is war in Libya, and Libya is very rich in oil but not very rich in natural gas. Number 6 represents the Algerian pipelines Maghreb-Europe (Algeria-Morocco-Spain) and Trans-Mediterranean Pipeline (Algeria-Tunisia-Italy), plus the Trans-Saharan Pipeline, which will supposedly send Nigerian natural gas to Algeria and Europe. The two Algerian pipelines offer some safety at the time, since Algeria managed to escape the Arab Spring, but nobody can guarantee that the Algerian socialists and islamists will not go to war at some point, since there is already tension among them. Moreover these two pipelines require stability in Tunisia and Morocco, and there is tension in these two countries amd many terrorist attacks. As far as the Trans-Saharan pipeline is concerned, it would have to pass through ISIS’s subsidiary Boko Haram before it managed to reach Algeria in order to send Nigeria’s natural gas to Europe.

Therefore for Europe the only safe solution are the Russo-German pipelines i.e. Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2. That’s not good for Europe. But that’s how things are. The Baltic route is currently the safest route. Unless of course Islamic countries support Islamist terrorists who will sabotage these pipelines, and will deprive them from their great advantage i.e. their safety. There is tension between Germany and Turkey, because Turkey wants to become the entry point for natural gas to Europe, and the Russo-German cooperation is hurting her, since it sends so much gas to Europe through Germany, soaking demand. The Islamist Turkish President Tayip Erdogan urges Germans of Turkish origin not to assimilate in Germany, as you can read at the following Spiegel article.

“Erdogan Urges Turks Not to Assimilate: ‘You Are Part of Germany, But Also Part of Our Great Turkey”, February 2011

Moreover, as you can read at the following Yahoo article, titled “Islamists in Germany trying to recruit young refugees”, September 2015, Islamists are doing a good job in recruiting young poor immigrants.

As you can read at the following BBC article, titled Islamic State militants ‘smuggled to Europe, May 2015, ISIS uses refuges to smuggle fighters into Europe. According to the BBC ISIS is controlling the smugglers, and is charging a fee.

The socialists of Southern Europe, both red and black, threaten the Northern Europeans that they will send them jihadists if they don’t give them more money, as the Greek Defense Minister did, as you can read at the following Telegraph article, titled “Greece’s defence minister threatens to send migrants including jihadists to Western Europe”, March 2015.

Mateo Renzi in Italy opened Italy’s borders in 2014, causing an amazing influx of illegal immigrants to Europe. Then in 2015, SYRIZA, the Greek party which won the Greek elections in January 2015, opened the Greek borders too, making things even worse for Europe. As you can read at the 13th paragraph of the following Guardian article, titled “Migrants locked in stadium on Kos for nearly 24 hours”, August 2015, 30.000 illegal immigrants entered Greece in 2014, under the center-right government of Antonis Samaras. At the 5th paragraph of the following BBC article, titled “Migrant crisis: Thousands arrive in mainlandGreece”, September 2015, under the new leftish government, 23.000 illegal immigrants entered Greece only in the first week of September 2015.

“Migrants locked in stadium on Kos for nearly 24 hours”, August 2015

“Migrant crisis: Thousands arrive in mainland Greece”, September 2015

For the Greek left there is a lot to win by opening the Greek borders. It punishes Northern Europeans who ask for reforms before giving more money to Greece. The corrupt political system of Greece does not like that. By opening the borders this rotten political system takes its revenge. Moreover countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emireates and more, are paying lots of money to promote Islamism in Europe. France made the same mistake and the French paid it with their blood. See

“France to cut Qatar funding of mosques in crackdown on islamic fundamentalism”, February 2015.

The thing is that the Russo-German pipelines are already reaching Germany and the Czech Republic (OPAL pipeline), and Germany and the Netherlands (NEL pipeline), and there are discussions to reach Great Britain through the Netherlands. They already reach France too. That’s a big disaster for Turkey, Iran and Qatar. You should not believe that the socialists of Southern Europe are opening their countries’ borders for nothing. There is a lot of money involved, and they will also gain voters in the future, and they are taking their revenge from Northern Europe. And the countries who bribe European socialists don’t do it for nothing either. There is a lot more to immigration than it seems to be.

For Mateo Renzi see the following article by the National Geographic. Mateo Renzi became Prime Minister of Italy in February 2014, and there was an increase of 823% in the influx of illegal immigrants in the first quarter of 2014 (Jan-Feb-March-April) compared to the same period in 2013. What Mateo Renzi did in Italy in 2014, and Alexis Tsipras did in Greece in 2015 were no mistakes.

“Amid Record Waves of Refugees, Italy Finding Limits to Its Compassion”, October 2014

10th Paragraph

Boot-shaped Italy, uniquely exposed in Europe because of its long, meandering coastline and numerous islands, is often seafaring migrants’ point of entry into Europe. The country leads the continent in arrivals by sea, which, in the first quarter of 2014 alone, increased by 823 percent over the same period in 2013. For many, though, Italy is a waystation to other EU countries.

Below you can see the richest countries in natural gas reserves.

Table 1

Richest Countries in Natural Gas Reserves

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  1. maintenace of nord pipeline is horrendous- and new technology needed to overcome working in sub zero temp
    commodity willbe more expansive and unpredictable due to low engineerings


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