Who is Responsible for the War and the Immigrants?

Who is responsible for the war in Iraq and Syria, and for the hundreds of dead, wounded and dislocated people? The socialist propaganda says that it is the Americans who have caused these wars. But this is a terrible lie.

Map of the Middle-East

It is true that the United States attacked Saddam Hussein in 2003. Saddam Hussein was a Russian ally and the socialist dictator of Iraq. The Americans could have overturned Saddam in 1991, when they again attacked Iraq, when Saddam invaded Kuwait and set its oilfields on fire. They did not do it at the time, even though they destroyed his army and reached Baghdad.

However they did overturn him in 2003. Was that something wrong? Saddam Hussein was oppressing the Iraqi Kurds, and he was a Sunni Muslim, who was governing a country with a majority of Shiite Muslims. The Sunni minority of Saddam Hussein was not only oppressing the Iraqi Kurds, but it was also oppressing the majority of the Iraqi Shiite Muslims. After Saddam’s overturn in 2003, the Iraqi Shiites, who were the majority, took control of the country, and the Iraqi Kurds could finally leave without fear.

Syria-Iraq : War Zones

Σαουδική Αραβία Ιράν Τουρκία

It was not the overturn of Saddam Hussein that caused the war of 2011, which in turn caused thousands of immigrants. It was something very different. In 2009 Turkey and Qatar asked the Arabs of Syria to agree on the construction of the Qatar-Turkey Pipeline (red line), which would send Arab natural gas to Turkey and Europe. The Syrians refused, even though this pipeline would be to Syria’s interest too, because this pipeline would harm the economic interests of Gazrpom in Europe, and Russia is a Syrian ally. Then, the Russians proposed to construct the Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline (green line), in order to block for good the Qatar-Turkey pipeline.

The Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline would still compete with Gazprom in Europe, but it would be harmless when compared to a Turkish-Arab pipeline that would run through Turkey. Moreover the Iran-Syria pipeline would be controlled by Gazprom. The Iraqis and the Syrians agreed to the Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline, and that infuriated the Turks and the Arabs, who attacked Syria and Iraq. That’s the cause of the war. What could have the Americans done? Ask the Syrians to allow the Qatar-Turkey pipeline? Or ask the Russians not to push the Iran-Syria pipeline in order not to infuriate the Turks and the Arabs? What could they have done?

Saudi Arabia- Iran – Turkey

Map of the Middle East

Gazprom did not need the natural gas of the region. Russia is the richest country in the world in terms of natural gas reserves. The only reason the Russians decided to promote the Iran-Syria pipeline was to block the Qatar-Turkey one. For the Americans it would be better if both the Qatar-Turkey and the Iran-Syria pipeline were constructed, because that would mean lower prices. The war in Syria and Iraq was very good for Russia but very bad for the Americans.

Moreover, the Russians supply with arms the Kurds of the PKK in Eastern Turkey (purple X), in order to prevent the construction of the Southern Energy Corridor (TANAP-TAP pipelines), which will transfer natural gas from the Caspian Sea and the Middle East to Europe through Turkey, hurting Gazprom. How can the Americans stop the Kurds of the PKK from attacking the Turks? The war between the PKK and Turkey is good only for Russia. The Americans want peace in Eastern Turkey in order for the Southern Energy Corridor to go ahead.

Moreover, is it a US fault that the Saudis and the Iranians are two of the richest in oil countries in the world, and they kill each other over their oil exports? What can the Americans do about that? The war is not good for the Americans. The Americans are oil importers and they want low oil prices. The oil wars lead to higher oil prices, and that’s good for the Russians who are oil exporters. It is not the Americans who are responsible for the wars in Syria and Iraq, and for all the immigrants arrive to Europe from these countries.

For more details see “USA, Russia & China in the Middle East”



Saudi Iran Alliances


Map of Oil Fields (black) and Natural Gas Fields (red)

Χάρτης Πετρελαίου και Φυσικού Αερίου της Μέσης Ανατολής

Shiite (green) VS Sunni (red )Pipelines

Sunni VS Siite Pipelines

Richest Countries in Natural Gas Reserves

Πλουσιότερες Χώρες στον Κόσμο σε Φυσικό Αέριο

Richest Countries in Oil Reserves

Πλουσιότερες Χώρες σε Πετρελαιο

Map of the Middle East

Map of the Middle East

12 thoughts on “Who is Responsible for the War and the Immigrants?”

  1. Perhaps there are many many more agendas in play than just the gas pipeline and the price of gas to Europe or the US.
    Obviously the US, the UK Israel and Saudi support ISIS…..or else they would not exist…simple.
    The US ‘bombs’ ISIS supposedly for a year and they get bigger, Russia attacks them for three weeks and 3000 shave off their beards and head to Jordan and another 700 surrender to the Syrian Gov………now that never happened when the US was supposedly ‘bombing’ them.


  2. A rather limited vision of Middle Eastern geopolitics. The journalist has a few arguments and treat them superficially so as to affect the reader to his preconceived idea. It is not clear if the journalist is only limited or just in bad faith …


  3. You know who causes this war? Anyone driving a car which is not electric. Anyone who decides to invest in an oil producing company. Anyone who didn’t turn up for the election. Anyone who brings the money to a bank i.e. buying US and other countries’ bonds thus financing their armies indirectly. Anyone who buys a gun… the list is long. I hope you know what I mean.


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