Terrorism and Oil in Africa

This is a very nice map by the Economist, which shows the geographical locations of Africa that face the most severe problems with terrorism. See map 1. With blue you can see where the Islamists of Boko Haram operate. With pink you can see where the Islamists of Al Shabaab operate.

Picture 1

Τρομοκρατικές Οργανώσεις στην Αφρική

Among other things, Boko Haram prevents the construction of the Trans-Saharan Pipeline, which will send Nigeria’s natural gas to Europe, and her oil at a latter stage, through Niger and Algeria. Al Shabaab prevents the shipment of the oil and natural gas of Africa from the port Lamu of Kenya, to the port Gwadar of Pakistan. China invests 25 billion dollars in Lamu, and another 45 billion dollars in the economic corridor China-Pakistan. See also map 2.

Picture 2

Τρομοκρατικές οργανώσεις της Αφρικής

The ports of Lamu and Gwadar are two very important points of the New Silk Roads of China. China wants to bring all the raw materials of Africa to Kenya, and from there to ship them to Pakistan and China. China will also use the reverse route to send her products to Africa (Gwadar-Lamu). Obviously, both the Trans-Saharan Pipeline, and the new silk road Lamu-Gwadar-China, are a very big problem for non-African countries that count on the sale of their natural gas and oil reserves. That’s why there is such a big problem with terrorism in these two African spots. See pictures 3 and 4 for Nigeria’s oil and natural gas reserves.

Picture 3

Πλουσιότερες Χώρες σε Πετρελαιο

Picture 4

Πλουσιότερες Χώρες στον Κόσμο σε Φυσικό Αέριο

For the Economist article see:

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For the 25 billion dollars that China invests in Kenya see Reuters.

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For the 45 billion dollars that China invests in the economic corridor China Pakistan see BBC.

“Is China-Pakistan ‘silk road’ a game-changer?”, Απρίλιος 2015


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