A very interesting article by the Strategist, titled “The not-quite-quadrilateral: Australia, Japan and India”, July 2015. The article refers to the military cooperation between India, Australia and Japan. The three countries wish to contain the growing Chinese influence in the region. China is violating international law in the South Chinese Sea (red area in the first map), by militarizing islets that belong to other countries’ exclusive economic zones.

Χάρτης Αυστραλίας Ινδίας Κίνας

The article also mentions that the three countries are united in their effort to prevent China from abusing international law in the South China Sea, but they are not homogeneous in their foreign policies. What the article says is very true, because India is a traditional Russian ally, which now has to cooperate with the United States too, in order to face China in the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea.

Japan on the other side is a traditional American ally which has a problematic relation with Russia, since the two countries have territorial disputes in the Sea of Okhotsk (see red circle at on second map).

Kuril Islands

Finally Australia is an American ally, but Australia’s greatest trading partner is by far China. Therefore India, Australia and Japan can be united against China in the South China Sea, but their foreign policies can be expected to greatly diverge.

For the South China Sea see map 3.

Χάρτης Νοτιας Κινεζικής Θάλασσας

For the Strategist article see the following link

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