The 15 Billion Dollar Agreement Between Israel and Jordan and its Consequences for Qatar

Iakovos Alhadeff


As you can read at the following link, Israel and Jordan signed a 15 billion dollar, 15 years agreement, according to which Israel will sell Jordan 1 billion dollar worth of natural gas each year from its Leviathan gas field, which is exploited by the American energy company Noble Energy.

Israel Jordan Qatar

Israel will provide the natural gas, Egypt will liquefy it, and Jordan will consume it in a deal that will benefit all 3 countries. This will further enrage Qatar, which is the main natural gas supplier of the region. This is the real reason Qatar is funding the terrorist organization Hamas, which is busy throwing rockets to Israel from the Gaza strip. You can see on the following Reuters link that Hamas was threatening to attack the Israeli natural gas sea platforms in the July 2014 war.

 You can see on the map that it is Qatar that probably lost the 15 billion dollars of the Israeli-Jordanian deal.  Both European Communists and Nazis are claiming that the Israelis attacked Gaza because they want to steal the natural gas that they will sell to the Jordanians. However as you can see on the map the rich in natural gas Israeli fields are located between Israel and Cyprus and have nothing to do with Gaza Strip. Gaza has some natural gas fields too, worth a few billion dollars, but nothing so special. Actually tot even the Arabs are claiming that Gaza Strip is a very rich in natural gas area. It is only European socialists who claim that Israel is trying to steal Gaza, because they are very well funded by Qatar. The problem is exactly the opposite. It is Qatar which is using its subsidiary Hamas, in order to prevent Israel from exploiting its own natural gas reserves.

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