The Shanghai Cooperation Organization as a Challenge to NATO

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Iakovos Alhaeff

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is a political, economic and military cooperation. It currently has 6 full member states, namely Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzdtan and Tajikistan. Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India are observing states, and Turkmenistan is a guest state.

Shanghai Cooperation Agreement Best Mini Colors

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization aims to become what the Warsaw Pact used to be i.e. a challenge to NATO.  I would like to say a few words about the member states’ regimes. China’s political regime is a communist dictatorship. Kazakhstan is ruled by Nursultan Nazarbayev, which has been the only president since Kazakhstan’s independence, and he is the former general secretary of Kazakhstan’s Communist Pary. In the 2004 elections, his party gained 90% of the parliament’s seats, and the Agrarian party, which was led by his daughter gained the remaining seats, except one seat that was gained by the remaining parties.

Uzbekistan is ruled by Islam Karimov, who has been the only president since the country’s independence in 1991. Islam Karimov is a former member of the Soviet Communist Party. Tajikistan is ruled by Emomalli Rahmon, who is again the only president since the country’s independence in 1994.

Iran is an Islamic country, where the Supreme Leader is the ultimate authority, and he is more powerful than the elected Iranian president. The Supreme Leader is appointed by the Assembly of Experts, which is a council of Islamic theologians. Turkmenistan, since its independence in 1991, is ruled by the president for life Saparmurat Niyazov.

Russia is the only country which has some elements of democracy, however also ruled by ex KGB agents like Putin, and ex members of the Communist Party, which are today’s oligarchs. Russian people never experienced freedom and democracy, since they were ruled by Tsars, and then from 1917 to the early 90’s they were under  a regime of communist dictatorship. Today’s regime with the rule of the ex KGB and ex Communist oligarchs, is Russia’s highest democratic achievement.

If Iran and Turkmenistan become full members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Organization will control over 60% of the world’s natural gas reserves, and a very large part of the world’s oil reserves. Moreover if Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Monglolia, that are currently observing members become full members, the Organization will have fully encircled the Persian Gulf and the American military bases in Qatar, as you can see on the map. The Persian Gulf holds most of the oil and natural gas reserves that are outside the Organization’s control today.

And what do we hear from both Communists and Nazis? We hear that NATO is a fascist organization, and we can only hope on the strengthening of organizations like the Shanghai Cooperation Agreement, because no matter where Communists and Nazis live, they always have a third world mentality.

Νew Member States

 As you can see at the following link at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit of September 2014, the Organization will invite India, Pakistan, Mongolia and Iran to become full members and not simply observing members as they currently are.–admit-new-members/

If they do become full members of the SCO, the only two members that are missing for the black diagram of the map to close, and encircle the American military forces in the Persian Gulf, will be Turkmenistan and Afghanistan.

Moreover, as you can see at the following link, Turkey is examining the possibility of becoming a full member of the SCO. If Turkey becomes an SCO member, the transfer of oil and natural gas from the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf to Europe, will not be controlled by NATO anymore, but from the SCO instead.

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