Israel and Conspiracy Theories

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Iakovos Alhadeff


The aim of this document is to offer a quick and simple presentation of the circumstances under which Israel was created. The document does not have any historical value, since thousands of books have been written on the subject, and I am not a historian either.

I write this document because I am tired of listening about a Jewish conspiracy for world dominance, part of which was the creation of Israel. I hope this essay will help the well intentioned and confused reader realize, that Israel was created in the same way that the Arab states and all other states were created. I will not touch the Arab-Israeli conflict which is a more complicated issue.

For each document like this one, hundreds of others supporting conspiracy theories are written. Therefore I cannot afford to use sources that are very good, but which are not “brand names”. I will use only well known sources like Wikipedia and History Channel, which are known to everybody.

The Arabs and the Israelis Today

Before I start presenting how Israel was created, I want to present a picture of the Arab Israeli world as it exists today. At the following map,


Map 1

the Arab world is the green colored area, and the Israeli world is the red colored area.

According to the following Wikipedia link (second paragraph)

the Arab world comprises 22 states and 422 million people (the green countries)

And according to the following Wikipedia link,

there are approximatelly15 million Jews worldwide, 6 of which are located in Israel.

This is the picture of the Arab Israeli world today.

The following map shows the geographic region that is called Middle East.


Map 2

It can be seen that Middle East does not include all the Arab countries, and it contains countries that are not Arabic i.e. Turkey and Iran.


A few years before 1900, a Jewish movement for the creation of an independent Jewish state starts developing. It is the well known “Zionist” movement. For many people the world “Zionism” is synonymous to the word “conspiracy”. And it is very understandable that many people believe so, since there is so much propaganda on the subject, financed with petrodollars.

In reality Zionism, was simply a Jewish movement for the development of an independent Jewish state, which would offer a shelter for the Jews that were leaving in countries were anti-Semitism was on the rise. And Zionism was not a world conspiracy, but rather a very reasonable response to the rising European anti-Semitism of the late 19th century (around 1900).

It is the time of the Dreyfus Affair in France (1894), the time the publication of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” in Russia (1903), and in general a time of declining civil rights and rising persecutions for the European Jews. I provide one of many links on the subject (Wikipedia),

which says in section “Persecution of Jews in the late Russian Empire”, that between 1881 and 1920, 2 million Jews left Russia due to the anti-Semitic laws and the Russian pogroms. Eastern Europe was at the time the home of the majority of the Jews. Therefore the creation of Zionism was a response to the rising European anti-Semitism, and not a world conspiracy for world dominance as propagandists suggest.

Palestine and the Ottoman Empire

When Zionism started developing, the region that is Israel today was part of the Ottoman Empire. Palestine was under Ottoman occupations since 1570. And what helped the Jews and the Arabs create independent states, was that the Ottomans were on the side of the Germans in World War 1 (1914-1918 WW1), and not on the side of the Allies (Britain, France, Russia). At the start of WW1 the situation in the Middle East is represented in the following map.


Map 3

As it can be seen, what is today Israel, Syria, Irak (Mesopotamia), Jordan, Lebanon, and part of Saudi Arabia, was part of the Ottoman Empire. The other country that was strong in the region was Britain (colored pink on the map).

The following map shows the region today


Map 4

Great Britain in the Middle East

It can be seen that at the time, England was controlling Egypt and the Suez Canal. As it can be seen on the following map, the Suez Canal was of great importance for the British since it almost cut in half the distance between England and its colony India.


Map 5

Moreover, as it can be seen at the following map,


Map 6

the region behind Israel, is a region of great importance. It is the region of the famous Persian Gulf (the gulf between Iran and Saudi Arabia), with the richest countries in oil i.e. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq and Qatar. Therefore the region was of vital importance for England. It was offering a passage to the Indian Ocean and India, and it offered oil as well. I must mention that USA was not yet the great power that we all know today.

The English and the Ottomans

In 1915, the Ottoman Empire enters WWI on the side of Germany. This is something that terrifies the British, since, as it can be seen on map 3, the Ottomans were next to the Suez Canal. And the Ottomans are now on the side of the Germans and therefore an enemy of England. Moreover, as it can be seen on map 3, the Ottomans are very close to the Caspian regions (south Russia), from where Russia, an ally of the English, was getting its oil. And the Ottomans were also very close to Iran, from where the English were getting their oil.

Therefore the English badly needed allies to fight the Ottomans. And they tried to reach agreements with all parties that could help their war against them. Jewish and Arab nationalism were two such forces. The English will promise the Arabs independence if they help them defeat the Ottomans. The English agent Lawrence (the famous Lawrence of Arabia) will lead the Arabs against the Ottomans.

Moreover they promise the Jews that they will help the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine. The British were hoping that American Jews would use their influence in order for the USA to enter the war, and that Russian Jews in the Communist Party would use their influence for Russia to remain in the war on the side of the Allies. I must mention that during WWI (1914-1918) the Russian communists came to power (1917). The Jews also provided soldiers to the British, but not as many as the Arabs who were a much larger population.

Moreover with the Sykes-Pikot agreement, the British promised the French, control over the region that today is Syria and Lebanon. For the Sykes-Picot agreement, see the following Wikipedia link,

The following map shows how the British and the French had agreed to split the Middle East.


Map 7

As it can be seen on the map, the British would take control of Iraq, Jordan and Israel, so that they would control the rich in oil Iraq, and have access to the Mediterranean Sea. We therefore see that the British had promised too many things to too many interest groups. And their promises to various groups were sometimes conflicting. But in the end they did manage to defeat the Ottomans.

At the following link,

there is a History Channel documentary, “Promises and Betrayals”, which illustrates the various and conflicting English promises during WWI. It is a very good documentary and it takes only 50 minutes to watch. On 20.15, it says that the English believed that whether the Americans would enter the war, greatly depended on the public opinion. And by promising to help the establishment of a Jewish state, they were hoping that the American Jews would use their influence on this direction.

That does not mean of course that the Jews control the USA as many idiots believe. But this is another story. But according to History Channel (20.15) the British greatly overestimated the Jewish influence in the USA. But they certainly had some influence. According to the documentary (from 26.00 to 33.00), with the creation of the Jewish state, the English were also hoping to motivate the Russian communists of Jewish origin, to use their influence to keep Russia in the war. The English promised they would help the creation of the Jewish state with the Balfour Declaration in 1917, and the communists took control of Russia in October 1917. This promise should be very interesting, since in November 1917 the English army was entering and taking control of Palestine. In other words the English were promising to help the establishment of a Jewish state, in a region they already possessed.

In 30.30 of the History Channel documentary, it is said that it was very silly on the part of the English to believe, that the Russian  communists of Jewish origin would be touched by such an offer, since the latter were internationalists and believed that Zionism was a capitalist movement. Moreover, when communists took control of Russia, they turned their back on the allies, and left the war. And we are used to listen that communism was a part of the Jewish conspiracy for world dominance. And we can realize how wrong this is, by considering the communist reaction to the English offer for a Jewish state with the Balfour Declaration. And the communists not only left the war, but they also made public many secret agreements between the English, the French and the Russian Tsar, thus greatly embarrassing the allies. The Sykes-Picot agreement was one such document made public by the Russian communists.

And all this carries the authority of History Channel. The following Wikipedia link,

in section “Jews in the Bolshevik Party”, explains that the Jewish presence in the party was significant but not at all decisive. But I guess it was very convenient for the Nazi propaganda to identify communists with the Jews. A great hatred was cultivated to the German people for the Jews during WWII, which could be very easily passed to the Russians, if they were perceived as led by the Jews.

Therefore what I described above is the context within which the English, the Jews and the Arabs were trying to pursue their interests during WWI. I now want to take a closer look on the English and Jewish interaction during this period.

The English and the Jews

The commitment of the English towards the Jews for the establishments of a Jewish state is the famous Balfour Declaration in 1917. For Balfour Declaration see the following Wikipedia link,

The Balfour Declaration is the letter sent by Arthur Balfour, English secretary of foreign affairs, to Baron Rothschild, who was the most prominent figure of the British Jewry. Arthur Balfour was asking Baron Rothschild to pass this letter to the Zionist Council. With this letter the British were promising the Jews that they would help them create a Jewish state in Palestine. Actually with the Balfour Declaration the British were committing to help the establishment of a Jewish state in the area which is today Israel and Jordan, and not just in what it is today Israel. In the following map,


Map 8

you can see the area of the Balfour Declaration. And the following map shows the same area today (Israel+Jordan).


Map 9

As I said, it was in this area (Israel+Jordan) that the English promised to help create a Jewish state. This region (Israel+Jordan) was very underdeveloped, with only 1 million inhabitants at the time. There was therefore plenty of space for the creation of a Jewish state. The majority of the people living there at the time were Arabs though. And this is the reason the Arabs claim the Jews are not entitled to their own state, because in reality the Arabs are not willing to accept a state of Israel under any circumstances. The Jews on the other hand claim that this was the land of their fathers who were driven away by the Romans many centuries ago, and there was always a significant Jewish presence in the region throughout the centuries.

This region was called the British Mandate for Palestine, and was assigned to the British by the predecessor of the United Nations, namely the League of Nations, in order for the British to see the establishment of a Jewish state. All this happened of course with the help of the English. However with British initiative this mandate was later modified in order to exclude what is today Jordan (the region east of Jordan river) from a future Jewish state, and Jewish people were forbidden to move to this region. The reason the British did so, was because they wanted to offer the region to one of their Arab allies, namely Emir Abdulah. Abdulah was from the region that today is Saudi Arabia.

That’s how states were established during the world wars. Not only in the Middle East. The winners of the war were cutting pieces of land that belonged to their defeated enemies, and were offering them to their allies. Therefore the British cut 77% of the British Mandate for Palestine, which was the area where the Jewish state was supposed to take place. After that only the other 23% was left (what is today Israel). With most of the land of the British Mandate having gone to the Arabs, there was much less room for bargaining for the Jews and the Arabs living on what is today Israel. Even though as I said, the problem for the Arabs is existential and not territorial. They cannot accept a Jewish state. And the most honest of them admit so. The others pretend that the problem is a territorial one in order for the journalists they buy with petrodollars to have a stronger case. It is easier to gain support for a change of borders than for support of Israeli extinction.

Moreover if there was more space a stronger Jewish state could have been created. And at this point one can see that the English were not acting in favor of a world conspiracy. Otherwise they would have not cut 77% of what was the British Mandate and give it to their Arab allies. Moreover, with the White Paper of 1939, the English forbid the movement of more Jews to Palestine. According to this policy paper, only another 75.000 Jews could go to Palestine over the next 5 year period. And after this 5 year period, more Jews could go there only if the Arabs approved so. If the English had not forbid the Jews to go to Palestine, many of Hitler’s victims could have gone there and a much stronger Israel would exist today. Even if only a million of the Nazis’ victims had moved there, it would have been a huge number for the time, and would have made a great difference to the balance of power. But the Arabs new that, and under their influence the British forbid the establishment of further Jews in Palestine.

And therefore the people that claim that the British were acting for some dark forces, they must explain why the cut 77% of the British Mandate and gave it to the Arabs, and they also forbid the Jews to go there in 1939. The reason they forbid them to go there at the break of WW2, is that under the Nazi persecution there would be millions of Jews that would be willing to go there. And there were rich Jews like the Rothschild family, that they could buy land and send them there. And to prevent so, the Arabs and the British issued the White Paper of 1939 which fenced the European Jews in the European countries, and they were finally slaughtered by the Nazis.

And there are people that seriously claim that Hitler was working for the Rothschilds, in order to scare the Jews, and force them to go to Palestine and create Israel. But they can’t explain why the Rothschilds did not persuade the English not to cut 77% of the British Mandate and offer it to the Arabs. And they can’t explain why the Rothschilds did not persuade the English not to issue the White Paper of 1939 which forbid the movement of the Jews to Palestine. For the White Paper 1939 see

And in essence the English are partly guilty of the murder of millions of Jews, because they could have allowed them to go to Palestine, since the Jews did not have anywhere else to run. Nobody wants immigrants at a time of rampant economic crisis. And they therefore were fenced in Europe. But on the other hand without the help of the British at the time, there would not be a Jewish state today.

And then they do not explain why with the United Nations of 1947 and the partition of Palestine, another half of the remaining 23% of the British Mandate was also offered to the Arabs. The following map shows the partition of the 1947 United Nations partition.


Map 10

The orange region was the region where the Jewish state would be created, and the yellow region is the region where an Arab state would be created. The Jews welcomed the partition with great enthusiasm, while the Arabs attacked the newly established state, because as I said the issue is existential and not territorial for the Arabs. And in the war the Israelis won and they took more land.

Today the situation is as shown in the following map, with the orange areas, Gaza Strip, West Bank, and the Golan Heights, being the one we mostly hear in the news.


Map 11

I hope that with all the above, it will be clear to the well intentioned reader, that Israel is not the result of a world conspiracy, but rather the creation of a state, which was created in the way all other states were created. There were so many Arab states that were created in the 20th century, i.e. Lebanon 1943, Syria and Jordan 1946, Libya 1951, Morocco and Tunisia 1956, Iraq 1958, Algeria 1962, United Arab Emirates 1971, Saudi Arabia 1932, Yemen 1918, and nobody says they are the result of a world conspiracy. But the Jewish state is the result of a world conspiracy for world dominance.

And it makes one wonder, why this is so. Why only for the Jewish state there is so much conspiracy theory? And the answer is the following map


There are 400 million Arabs in the green regions, and only 6 million Jews in the red region. And the Arab countries are extremely rich in oil. And while the propagandists try to persuade everyone that Israel is the strongest country in the world and controls everybody, the truth is that Israel still exists due to its close ties with the USA. Not in the sense that the American Jews control the USA. This is another anti Jewish propaganda. The reason is that Israel and USA have a lot in common, Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, and Israel has always been the loyal and reliable dog of the USA in the region.

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44 thoughts on “Israel and Conspiracy Theories”

  1. Nice theory, but a little short on facts. Like, for example, the Rothschild interests in both sides of WWI, the fact that nearly all of the Bolshevik leadership were Jewish, the so-called “anti-semitism” was mostly anti- Bolshevik, and the Russian Bolshevik Jews killed over forty million people. There is no room here for the whole history lesson but if Israel simply let the Palestinians alone and returned their stolen land, there would be no threat to Israel. And BTW, many nations “created” by Britain have, in fact, changed “owners” and borders, mostly because nobody cared what European governments did with other peoples’ land… it was, and is, still theirs.


    1. Actually Jews that were Bolshevik-Communists considered themselves less Jewish and more a part of international proletariat committed to rid the world of the Capitalism which actually brought freedom and economic prosperity. It was the Bolshevik-Leninist-Stalinist-Communists responsible for genocide in Russia and NOT Jews who forsook their heritage to become Communists under the delusion that freeing the world of Capitalism would about some kind of social utopianism and egalitarianism.


      1. All communists are internationalists. It does not matter what their religion used to be. Once they are communists they are internationalists. Which means that nationality and religion are not important. At least in theory. Thanks for your comment friend


  2. About Jewish Bolshevism I provide a wikipedia link in my document. If you don’t trust wikipedia you are not going to believe anything that I say. But you say that Israel “should return the stolen land”, which basically means that you don’t think Israel should exist. At least this is an honest attitude. Most people pretend that it is a territorial issue


    1. It never ceases to amuse me when Zionist supporters mix emotional opinion with facts and claim to have made a point…” Jews that were Bolshevik-Communists considered themselves less Jewish and more a part of international proletariat committed to rid the world of the Capitalism” ? You were there? Well, my mother, who is still very much alive at 88, was there, and her memories are vivid, and your point is? “If you don’t trust wikipedia you are not going to believe anything that I say.”…”you say that Israel “should return the stolen land”, which basically means that you don’t think Israel should exist.”. This is typical Zionist flailing; when you cannot prove a point, devalue your opponent.
      Please. We are all supposed to be grown-ups here. If you want to know if I believe Israel has a right to exist you could ask me, in which case I woulld tell you that no “nation” should exist on a foundation of dead children, ravaged homes and farms, and a government policy of apartheid.
      I use Wikipedia heavily. I always compare it with the articles in Metapedia. You can see the hand of hasbarat “editors” at work… try it. It won’t destroy Israel if you learn the truth 🙂
      You’re welcome!


      1. Your point is quite simple. That the land is stolen and no nation has the right to exist on a stolen land, and therefore Israel has no right to exist since it stole the land. Isn’t that whay you are saying? Simple enough.

        The issue of the essay though, was not to discuss whether Israel has or has not a right to exist. It was to show that the forces that led to its creation were very similar to the forces that led to the creaton of any other nation. And that its creation was not the outcome of a world conspiracy.That’s the reason I wrote this document.


      2. I believe you are answering to something quite different from what I wrote. The Israeli Arab confict is another issue, and If you did read my document, you must have noticed that I did not touch it. I only said that I do not think the Arabs can accept a Jewish state. No more than that


      3. Dude America, which I love was built on the things that you state that, no nation should be built on… Unfortunately that is the way of the world. All modern society are built on just those thinks some to a lesser degree but still act of killing kids hopefully on actident, and the destruction of farms and homes that is common place; you doing not want to allow our enemies food and shelter…. War is Hell…..


      1. My essay is about the forces that led to the creation of Israel, and not about whether a Jewish state should exist or not. I believe that there should be a state where the Jewish religion is majority, but I guess you would not agree


      2. You are so right. But not realistic as roughly 95% of Native Americans died in the American genocide. So they would not be able to realistically take control of so may other people and those people simply cannot be accommodated now in the lands of their origin. But Americans and Canadians should know and admit that their countries were built on the genocide of the native population. They killed them and stole their resources. And that they have no moral right to tell anyone else what to do in their countries except if they go back to where they came from, mostly Europe and the UK.

        And they could allow the Native Reserves to become independant countries within Canada and the United States if the native population in a referendum vote for that. And then they should compensate them for the historical theft by transferring economic resources which was stolen to them and as independant countries allow them to select whichever foreign powers they want to help them e.g. Russia or China. Btw, Hawai was conquered by the USA in the late 1800s. Hawai case for independance from the USA is very strong. How about a referendum there? The USA is meddling in the Ukraine, how about the Russians meddling in the politics of a newly create Sioux country in what is now the USA? That is a very good idea. Will create a balance of power in the world which does not exist.

        Btw, the situation in Israel is very much like ex-British colonies like Rhodesia and South Africa. So why don’t they follow the same route as in South Africa, one men one vote with protection for minorities? And with international rule over Jerusalem by Christians, Jews and Arabs under the UN. And South Africa provides a very good example for Israel for what can be done. No need for Jews to be exiled or killed. Those who don’t want to risk a united Palestine can easily move to Europe and USA.

        The historical claim of 2,000 years ago, is far less than the Native Americans have on the USA and Canada. And of the time that Israeli’s or Judeans controlled areas of what is now Palestine and Israel, is far less compared to the control of the same area by others. Even from the Old Testament / Torah it is clear that the Jews after Moses took the land by force. That is if that “history” can be trusted. Archeoligist in Israel have not found much evidence that the Torah history correspond to real historical facts e.g. Egyptian history or archeological evidence. The descendants of the Canaanites and Philistines i.e. the Palestinians, have a much stronger historical claim on the land as they were there for a much longer period than the Judeans.

        Why should Palestinians suffer the conspiracies of the European elite? And I include in this statement people who claim to be Christians and Jews. The House of Rotschilds are as much part of the European elite than the House of Windsor. Just because the one is protestant Christian and the other Jewish, doesn’t mean that they don’t belong to a group of similar interest to control the masses through economic and military control.


  3. This is not true. Israel was created illegally and they should return the land back to the Palestine. Jews is a proud race and they don”t care for any other races. They are selfish and cannot be trusted. That is what it said in the Holy Quran which the Holy Quran is the only book can be trusted and cannot be modified until the end of the world. But we as Muslims, which the Prophet (Peace upon Him) teaches us cannot be cruel to other races and religion and we must respect them also as long as they never do any harm to us. Islam is a religion of peace but if they disturb us and do harm to us, we should fight back but in a good manner. In jihad, we Muslim cannot killed women and childred,the elderly and also must take good care of prisioner of war. They have their right also.


    1. Why did the peace loving Muslims invade Persia / Iran and force those who followed another monotheistic religion, Zoroastranism, to follow Islam? If Muhammed lived today, he would be regarded the same as the prophets of Bahai or Mormonism. Just someone who sees visions and then want to force other people to follow them or be killed. Mohammed and his followers first attacked Arab tribes who followed the ancient religions of the Arabian peninsular and then, when they conquered them, they invaded other countries. Religions are political tools my friend, used by political elites to subjugate others. God, if he is almighty, does not need others to intermediate between those who he created, me and you, and God. Just imagine someone coming into your house and telling your children that if they want to speak to you, they can only speak through them. What would you do? Throw the imposters out?

      Speak to God directly my friend and don’t except Imams or priests to do so on your behalf. Do you think God favours them more than they do you? Wake up from the religious slavery!!!


  4. Hi, Appreciate the time taken to write this, but I doubt if it will serve the purpose. I am not from Israel or Palestine and I am not Jewish or Muslim, but I feel a lot of lies, deception and killings were involved in creating Israel, and Jews have a good hand (via US involvement) in deciding lots of things in the world. Its sad to see so much suffering because of plain greed of a bunch of people.


    1. Most people agree with you my friend. That’s why I wrote this document. There isn’t much else I can do.
      But remember this document is not about the arab-israeli conflict but about the creation of Israel and conspiracy theories.


  5. Comment to the comments:

    I will not argue whether the article is accurate or not historically because that is not the point.
    I will, however, would like to comment to the state of mind commenters here (and around the world) seem to hold.

    FIrstly, I find generalizations funny (“jews are a selfish race” etc). Judaism is a faith/religion and not a race. There are jews from russia, europe, arab countries and ethiopia. Furthermore, all men are born equal – no single group has an innate propensity towards any mental behaviour – blacks are not prone to crime from birth, asians are not prone to math skills, etc.

    Peopel saying that “Israel should return the land they stole”. Holy shit, do you not realize everything in this power-hungry world of ours is the product of the greedy elite manipulating the dumb and docile masses? No country, anywhere, at any time, is innocent. But let’s say that Israel is willing to be ‘holier than thou’ and return its land, where do you suppose 6 or 7 million Jews would go? Do they not have a right to live peacefully too? Is Israel not their home, too, after 60+ years? Families were born and raised and they are entitled to a peaceful life just as much as the next man (don’t get me started on the fact that no one is truly entitled to anything and any “god given rights” we think we deserve is just a man-made invention).

    The bottom line is that as soon as we realize we are literally all one we could put aside all our differences and something like heaven might dawn. We are all God’s children and he loves us all – black, white, jew, muslim, asian or gay.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. citation: “Furthermore, all men are born equal – no single group has an innate propensity towards any mental behaviour – blacks are not prone to crime from birth, asians are not prone to math skills, etc.”

      …i agree with you in principle, but statistics is telling us other things.

      this planet is a fight for survival, and jews are damn proud of what they are and about their heritage. but this produces jealousy under those who cannot show similar achievements. Does this recall anything? The old story about Cain and Abel.

      the palestine conflict is a human all too human conflict. there will always be winners and losers, ….


      1. Statistics reflect education and prejudiced beliefes passed on from father to son. Yes, most drug dealing and drug related murders in the US are committed by young hispanic/black males, but that is merely because they were born into that world. If all men are given equal chance to fulfill their potential, you will not see any kind of disparity between groups.

        Moreover, and I can’t stress this enough, judaism is a faith, not a race. No matter how much they claim it’s a race, it is simply not. If you visit Israel you will see Jews ranging from ethiopian to russian.

        Your attitude that “jews are this” and “arabs are that” only serves to perpetuate the current situation. If we neglect our national and religious identity and cease to be manipulated by the ruling 1% then we maybe we can make this world a better place for our children to be born to. No one is sure if heaven exists, lets try and make this place as close as possible.

        People like to split the world into 2 groups. jews vs muslims, right vs left, black vs white. Unfortunately, nothing is black and white but rather grey. It’s so simple to treat issues as “us vs them” but real beliefs are far more complicated.

        Back to the point at hand –

        People claiming that Israel are illegal conquerers and they should give back the land they took, nice fucking logic. Following that, I’m waiting for the US to give the land back to the Indians and for Australians to give it back to the Aborigines. Every country EVER was established on conquest and blood shed. If Arabs were honest and straightforward and claim that they lost their country in war (and all is fair in love and war) and they simply want to conquer it back, then I’d give them points for honesty. But claiming Israel is on the wrong end and they don’t deserve to exist is hypocritical.

        We like to act as if though morals mean anything and there is something called “the sanctity of life”. If we everything that ever lived died and everything that now lives will do, wheres the sacred part? We lie to ourselves because we want this world to be something its not. One day it might be, but now it’s not so there’s no sense in holding this world to an imaginary standard that does not exist.


  6. thanks for offering your time to us.
    But i disagree some of your points.
    Anywy, i believe Isreal has no a right to exist on the earth and what hitler did was one of the most righteous thing he has done, and they should return the stolen land to ‘Arabs’ anyway, one day Muslims will wake up and return the stolen land.
    I hate Israel so much let them wait for the upcoming Jihad.


  7. Thanks for making this article. I’m an Algerian muslim. I’m of course against those who said Hitler did the right thing, but unfortunately Israel today is commiting exactly the same crime Hitler has done. You mentioned that Algeria was created in 1962, i point out that its creation followed a revolution where 1 million and half were killed to get their land back from French conquerers. I’ve no problem with the existence of Israel but i would never accept it’s existence on MY land. Why didn’t you talk about the millions of palestinians forced to leave their original land just because jews stole it and are now dispersed over the world? didn’t you think they will suffer exactly the same thing jews were suffering? Is it reasonable to solve a problem by creating another? Look my friend, we the arabs are like that, we never accept oppression, we will fight for our rights forever. You can search for another land inhabited by coward people or people enough loving for jews to give them their land, by coming to Palestine, you are choosing the wrong place.


  8. america can not and will not defend the so called israel. you have chosen the wrong place. you will see insha alah.


  9. Funny to read the above two comments from these righteous hypocritical Muslims telling it like it is and even more reassuring to know that Israel is armed to the teeth and these Muslims are full of their macho posturing bullshit that they are scared to take on the Jews. They just can’t defeat the cowardly non-dhimmi Jews. I guess the anti-semitic world just can’t countenance Jews who can defend themselves and won’t tremble before Islam. Well they ain’t running anywhere so get on with making the best of your lives instead of trying to destroy the lives of those you are jealous of i.e. the Jews. Also if we’re talking about stealing land where did the arabs in Algeria and Somalia come from – through imperialism, oppression, forced conversion, war, rape, apartheid, jizya, slavery, stoning, female genital mutilation, honour killing, pillage, lies, murder, totalitarianism so what gives Algeria or Somalia any right to exist – sadly the Arab/muslim tribes throughout the centuries have shown an extraordinary amount of sheep/slave mentality and appear to let the Mohammed story control their lives so strong is their fear of freedom. Unfortunately these comments display the usual Arab/Muslim hypocrisy about their hatred of oppression while being more than happy to oppress anyone whom Islam does not consider equal to the impotent male muslim i.e. women, Jews, gays, christians, hindus, buddhists, children, slaves, the list goes on. Just saying Israel has more right to exist than states created for and by Islamic colonists and imperialists – why don’t they just go back to Arabia? and while we are at it how dare you compare israel with Hitler – the Arab Muslims are the ones who should be compared to Hitler with their ethnic cleansing of Jews and now Christians and their militaristic macho impotence – sadly they are fascist sheep incapable of enjoying life to the full and thinking for themselves. Glad Israel exists and long and harsh may she strike her enemies – diatribe over.


  10. In all the discussions so far its important to note the outpouring of religious sentiments for this issue on both sides. I would like to mention (as an outsider to the conflict and not belonging to any of the Abrahamic religions), that a ‘jewish state’ cannot stand for long, just for the same reasons that an ‘islamic state’ cannot stand. Its important to understand that we are living now in the age of nationalism, not in the age of civilizations and kingdoms and religious politics. If you create a nation based on a religious context, you kill very idea of secularism and equality. That’s the main problem here. The idea of Israel was not a bad one, but had the fatal flaw of being guided by religion. And now we see this rise of anti-jewish sentiments in one camp and raising islamophobia in the other. So we are back to religious divisions in this day and age. That’s a shame.


  11. As a jewish Israeli I can approve that this is more or less what they teach us here at school, which doesn’t say it’s all true of course.

    What i’m sure of, in contrary to what they teach us in school, is that Israel is NOT a democracy. For my understanding it’s more of a south-american-70’s-junta like of a regime with lots of mind washing with the recruited media. The majority of the population here (arabs and jews) doesn’t understand the geo-political/energy/energy routes issues, and are basically victims of the infamous ‘divide & conquer’ doctrine.


    1. I am not an Israeli and I will leave it to the Israelis to judge their country. What I know for sure though, is that there an unbelievable amount of propaganda against Israel in Europe. It is not fair.


      1. The world is not a fair place that’s for sure.

        The propaganda in Europe these days, maintained mainly by the mainstream media, is a slow process that begun when the american-iranian talks started to set the ground and people minds to the palestinian state that set to be established in the end of 2016, as part of the palestinian appendix of the iran deal.


    2. is any person in any country truly aware of the information he needs to be an informed voter? Sadly, everything is swept under the carpet as the media focuses on hypes and slogans as they keep their audience dumb and docile so the rulers can keep the status quo. They don’t want informed thinking citizens, they want docile obedient workers.

      Democracy has been hijacked by the world’s top manipulative liars (not necessarily the politicians, but lobbyists and advisors and such) where the art of mass trickery is prized. There is literally no correlation between the public’s demands and the regime’s policy or legislation.


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